Taking advantage of the best social network platforms for link building can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The result is evident in higher rankings of your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), as well as an increase in blog traffic, domain authority, and earnings. That being the case, link building in 2019 is still relevant.

Now, whether you've been running your website for a while or you're out to get link building for a new website, consider the following social media platforms for backlinks.

1. YouTube:

YouTube is a video-sharing website with a lot of social engagements. The platform allows you to add links to your profile page and video description which can help you to build backlinks. All you have to do is create a unique video, then add your site's link to the video's description. Now, if the video goes viral, that can also bring significant traffic to your site. Therefore, it's a win-win in the end.

2. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a social bookmarking platform. It allows you to pin or bookmark useful content found on the web, and such content can also be from your blog. What's more, you can capture the attention of visitors who use the platform daily. It's also worthy to note that Google ranks posts shared on Pinterest on its result pages. As such, having posts you've shared on this social bookmarking platform on Google's top pages can also impact on your traffic significantly.

3. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a business & employment-oriented service that can be used to build quality backlinks. You can add these links to your LinkedIn profile or in posts shared on your timeline. The aim is not to publicize your link, but to help you to get a dofollow backlink from LinkedIn.

4. BizSugar:

BizSugar is aimed at small businesses looking to grow and form healthy relationships with owners of companies in the same niche. This platform allows you to submit an article with your link embedded in it. However, you have to take the extra time to ensure that the piece you're sharing is of good quality.

5. Reddit:

Reddit is a social media platform that allows posts, media, and links shared with the ever-growing community of users. On the other hand, you may have to build your reputation first on Reddit to share links without restrictions. A huge benefit of having your site's link on Reddit is that the shared link can even rank higher than the blog post itself on SERPs. As such, it can be a strong competitor with other sites and also bring referral traffic to your website/blog.

6. Tumblr:

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking; however, it has become a great resource for building quality backlinks. With Tumblr, you can create a new blog(s) and add your backlink to blog posts. An alternative method is to crawl expired Tumblr blogs which have already gained high PA and DA. These expired blogs can be re-registered, and then your content published on them. However, it may take some time for search engines to index the link again but is worth a try in the end.

7. Twitter:

Twitter is a social networking service platform. It is also an excellent resource for sharing links to blog posts. Here, you can either add your site's link to your Twitter profile or share these links in tweets. On the other hand, Twitter can also help to index other backlinks you've built since it's content is frequently crawled by the search engines.

The steps on how to get a backlink from social media are straightforward. But before then, be informed that you can get nofollow or dofollow backlinks from social media networks. A good SEO practice is to create a mixture of nofollow and dofollow backlinks. These will make your backlink profile and building process look natural to search engine bots.

Now that's out of the way, the general steps that will enable you to build links on these sites are:

  • Create an account on the social network of your choice
  • Verify your Account
  • Enter your website's URL in the profile/About section (the URL can be to your site's homepage or internal page)
  • Add some extra information in your profile to make it look appealing
  • Spread your profile link across other pages on the website or net to increase its page authority (optional).


Relying on social media sites for SEO can help in boosting your site's visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, channeling your time and effort to the best social networks for link building will ensure that you get remarkable results within a shorter amount of time. These sites, as mentioned above, have high page authority & domain authority and are crawled regularly, which can be highly beneficial to your website.