As technology advances, communications between a person and another had also greatly improved as opposed to how things were done in the 90s when people could only speak with each other. Now, you don’t only get to hear the voices of your loved ones, but also get to see them irrespective of their location globally. All that’s needed is an internet-enabled smartphone and the right video calling app, whether you are an android or an iPhone user.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few video calling applications for your android or iOS mobile powered phones.

5 Best Video Calling App for Android and iPhone

The following are some video calling apps for android enabled phones and iPhone users as well. They are the most popular, and some of them come pre-installed with modern mobile devices. Here they are:

#1. Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook for Android | Download Facebook for iOS

Video calling or chatting is one of many features of the Facebook messenger app. Our guess is you already have one pre-installed on your smartphone right now, whether you are using an Android or iOS powered phone.

Facebook has been around for almost two decades. They’ve continued to release stunning innovations based on their users’ needs or demands. The messenger app, with its video calling feature, is one of many innovations form Facebook. When installed, all that’s required is for you to open up the application, select the name of the person you side to put a call to, then tap on the camera button at the top right corner of the screen. What’s more, you can also be in a video chat with several people - group chat. All you need to do is add those you want to put a call through to in a group conversation and click the camera button.

#2. WhatsApp

Download Whatsapp for Android | Download Whatsapp for iOS

Just like Facebook, WhatsApp is also another video calling app. The app was initially developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koun, who were former employees of Yahoo in 2009. Five years down the like, Facebook acquired WhatsApp and has since greatly improved on its technology.

Using WhatsApp, you can put a video call through to friends, family, or business partners. You can connect two or more people in a video chat too. WhatsApp provides details on how to do these.

#3. Facetime

Download Facetime for iOS

Facetime is only available for iPhone users or any iOS/macOS powered devices only. It’s Apple’s proprietary video chat software. Just like WhatsApp, facetime allows you to put a video call through to your contacts who are registered on facetime as well. Phones running iOS 12 and above cal also make group facetime calls.

#4. Skype

Download Skype for Android | Download Skype for iOS

What makes skype popular is that it’s available on any device you can think of; android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Xbox, and even Alexa. This app will display videos in HD. You can connect up to 50 people in a group chat; this makes it an excellent tool to communicate with families and great for small businesses also.

#5. Zoom

Download Zoom for Android | Download Zoom for iOS

Zoom, unlike other applications, wasn’t explicitly developed for socializing. It’s for something more serious such as having an online class or scheduling a meeting within a department of an organization. However, in the absence of other apps listed above, you can use zoon to connect with loved ones. You can schedule call times up to 40 minutes and have up to 25 persons connect to you on the free tier. If you want more, you have to pay for it. But it’s doubtful you need to speak with more than 25 persons at a time.

With Zoom, however, you don’t just put a call through to your contacts, but you schedule a meeting and send a Zoom ID and password across to the person you want to communicate with.


These video calling apps will make communication with friends with families, or even business partners pretty easy. You can connect with them, irrespective of where they reside globally. If one or more of these apps are not already pre-installed, you can download them using their respective links now.