Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization today. And if you're looking for a market that is specially tailored to buy and sell of Bitcoin Cash, then there's one out there! It's Local, a secure and private marketplace for exchanging Bitcoin Cash for cash, PayPal funds, Amazon gift cards, Skrill, and lots more.

Interestingly, Local allows you to trade directly with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts in your locality. Hence, it is a peer-to-peer instant digital currency exchange that takes away the delays associated with third-party services. What's more, a range of payment methods can be used to facilitate a trade.

About Local Local is a private Bitcoin Cash exchange that enables the buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The platform was founded by the team, who strives to make Bitcoin Cash (BCH) more accessible to the public.

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Features of Local

Some features of Local that enables it to provide the level of functionality it does include:

1. Anonymous Transactions:

You can buy and sell BCH anonymously on Local, which helps to protect your identity. Anonymous trades can be attributed to the fact that the platform does not require the submission of personal identification documents or KYC before a user can transact. All you have to do is create an account, and you're ready to carry out your first transaction. It, therefore, saves you the time of waiting to be verified, as is the case of most crypto trading sites.

2. In-person Cash Trading:

As a peer-to-peer exchange, Local allows In-person Cash Trading. This means that you can meet in-person and transact with a member of the platform living in your locality. Therefore, if you're less likely to trust a stranger online with your hard-earned money, you can pick a location to meet in public and transact more safely.

3. Low Transaction Fees:

This P2P Bitcoin Cash exchange offers one of the cheapest transaction fees out there. Instead of dishing out a significant part of your funds as fees, what is required is low. Local charges a 0.25% fee for the maker, and 0.75% for the taker. This means that the fee is lower for a trader who places an offer to buy or sell.

4. Blind escrow:

This US-based exchange offers a blind escrow that ensures that your funds are totally inaccessible to them until the transaction is complete. BCH moved to escrow by the trader is handled as on-chain Bitcoin Cash transaction. For this reason, Local can neither spend nor access the user's BCH while it is in escrow. What this does is take away the likelihood for the user's funds to be tampered with by the platform.

5. Security:

Security is of the essence, and that is why several measures have been put in place in this private marketplace. Local takes advantage of features such as end-to-end encryption to prevent others from reading your messages, Identity verification to ensure you are always transacting with the right party, etc. Encryption of messages also requires users to voluntarily share details of their messages to staff in times of dispute.

6. Various Payment Methods:

A range of payment methods is supported on Local. As such, it ensures that you can buy or sell BCH in your most preferred currency or other payment methods available. To that effect, the supported payment methods on Local include Bank transfer, PayPal, AliPay, Western Union, Amazon Gift card, WebMoney, WeChat Pay, Venmo, Interac transfer, Sepa transfer, etc.

7. Supported Countries:

A wider audience taking advantage of Local gives it high liquidity, and as such, you can easily find someone to trade with. The latter is made possible by the platform's support of countries, including the US, Nigeria, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, the UK, Spain, India, China, Kenya, Belgium, Peru, Germany, Sweden, etc.

How to Start Trading on Local

To buy and sell BCH on Local, do the following:

  • Go to Local
  • Create an account using your email address
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • On the 'Trade BCH' tab, select a payment method and your location
  • Select a trader that is buying or selling BCH as you require
  • Peruse through the user's profile and review their feedback score (Ensure it is high and they have been on the platform for a couple of months)
  • Then, proceed to open a trade with them.
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Conclusion Local offers a platform that is solely targeted at Bitcoin Cash. Hence, you can find the right buyers and sellers for your asset without scouring the net for long. On the other hand, the high-level security, privacy, and low fees offered by this platform are some reasons why it stands out from other peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges.