If you've been searching for the best Bitcoin Poker site that offers free games, then meet Blockchain.Poker. This website features games and tournaments which are powered by the Blockchain. The best part, you get to earn Bitcoin while playing poker for free. Therefore, it's one more way to make money online while doing what you love.

About Blockchain Poker

Blockchain.Poker is a blockchain-based casino that was founded in 2017. This Bitcoin poker website allows you to play poker with other gamers anonymously and on a secure and decentralized network. Blockchain.Poker accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV, which you can use to buy a position at the table that will enable you to play poker in its tournaments.

According to developers of Blockchain.Poker, the aim of the platform is to foster the growth of the Bitcoin community and the crypto space as a whole. The team strives to make its goal a reality by "showing people what is possible with true 21st-century money." Similarly, Blockchain.Poker says one of its goals is to show people that Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin.

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How Does Blockchain Poker Works?

Here's a Blockchain Poker review that will give you a better insight into what this platform entails.

Anonymous Gaming:

Registration is not a requirement On Blockchain.Poker, which means you do not have to submit your email before you get your first game going. Hence, you can play anonymously with other users of the platform. There's also a provision to change your player name if you do not want other users to keep track of you. While your identity is hidden, there are also no ads on the platform to affect your user experience as you play poker.

Free Coins on the first trial:

On accessing the Blockchain Poker's website, you are given 100 satoshis for free. The giveaway is in a bid to enable you to determine the performance of the casino and, generally, what the game is about. Players can then top up to 100 free satoshis every 3 minutes if their holdings decline. That being the case, take the next step and visit Blockchain.Poker to make your first attempt at a win.

Poker Game:

A variety of games makes an online gaming platform more exciting, and as such, your interest can be held for a long time. And that's what Blockchan.Poker offers. There are several cash games on this online casino. You can also find games ranging from Texas Holdem to Sit & Go's, etc.


Rake in online casinos is a term that is used to refer to the percentage or cut (2.5% to 10%) a casino takes from every hand you deal. Think of it as the commission fees. On the other hand, Blockchain.Poker offers a Rakeback up to 50% on cash games, which ensures its loyal users are duly rewarded. In this case, they can also earn a certain percentage the casino makes. Over and above that, Blockchain.Poker affiliate program offers 40% back in any rake that the platform takes.

Tournament Offers:

There are several tournaments, including the sit ‘n go tournament on Blockchain poker as well as different stakes. Each of these tournaments has a prize attached to it, as an incentive for people to play. Also, there is the freeroll option that can also help you earn Bitcoin.

Multi-Table Tournaments:

Blockchain.Poker in a Reddit thread revealed that the latest addition to its website is a multi-table tournament (MTT) feature. Here's what it looks like, up to 100 poker players can be in a tournament where they'll all contribute to the game and also share the prize money from the wins. Already, a match has been scheduled for November 1, 2019, at UTC 18PM.

In another publication, Blockchain.poker revealed that there will be 2M buy-in games, faucet games, and freerolls in its MTT. Potential players will also be able to create and sponsor their tournaments. On the same note, the platform hopes that the success of the scheduled event for November could possibly see other events of this nature line up. That is to say, there are expectations that the tournament might take place four times a year, with VIPs and live streaming.

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Blockchain.Poker is a platform you should visit if you're looking to increase your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin SV holdings. There's a range of games to settle for, and as such, you get to find what piques your interest the most. However, keep in mind that there are certain risks involved since you'll be gambling. That being the case, never spend more than you can afford to lose. Alternatively, you can also settle for free games instead.