You are in the middle of streaming your new favorite show when it buffers because your Wi-Fi network has a black spot. Or maybe you’ve had a long day, and you decide to stream some soothing music while you rest in your bedroom, but your Wi-Fi signal is too weak to allow you such luxuries.

Good news! There are different methods that you can use to boost your signal strength and to get rid of those unwanted black stops. These methods do not require you to buy another rooter or to upgrade your package.

A Wi-Fi extender is one of those methods. Getting your hands on the best Wi-Fi extender in the market will ensure that your wireless network is in every corner of your house. Wi-Fi extenders work by connecting to your original network and extending the signal and covering those areas where your network was breaking.

This review gives you a list of 5 of the best Wi-Fi extenders in the market. The options listed are based on basic needs, cost, size of homes, and performance. Remember to consider the placement of your extender. This is the trick to getting the best-extended range from your device.

Best Wi-Fi Extenders In 2020

1.      Plume Superpods For The Future Experience

Plume Superpods is a three-pack of plug-in devices that will not just improve the signal of your Wi-Fi around your house but also give you control over when your broadband and be used and by whom.

Besides, this device will allow you to protect your network from cyberattacks. The company offers cloud-based software and a built-in ad blocker that removes ads from the content on the internet, making your network safe.

Plume Superpods has been designed to plug into any mains socket. Thus, it has two Ethernet ports with a small light at the front that indicates the status of the device. If you want to maximize your signal, you should use one pod for two rooms and place then away from external walls.

However, prepare for the large-sized design to take some space in your home. This is especially challenging if you are using a power lead that has several plugs, and you need the socket for other devices in your home.

Nevertheless, the performance of this device is very effective. With the incorporation of AI software in the device, the Plume Superpods will continue to optimize performance according to your usage. Therefore, this device continues to get better over time.


·         Wi-Fi coverage is extensive

·         AI software incorporation

·         Optimized performance

·         Offers advanced parental control

·         Features are integrated with cybersecurity

·         The app-based setup is easy


·         Very pricey

·         For best results, the Wi-Fi router needs to be switched off

·         Superpods are bulky

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2.      Netgear Nighthawk For Best Overall

If you always go for the best, the Netgear Tri-band Extender will give you a front margin over your counterparts. The device offers fast speed as well as a massive range. Additionally, Netgear uses desktop design.

This design provides that the extender is more extensive than any other average plug-in signal booster. As a result, the device has enough space for more antennas. The specific number of antennas in this device is six.

The big size also allows for beefier hardware that provides the tri-band coverage over a region of about 168 feet. If your home is substantial, you can add other X6S extenders so that they can create a mesh network of the boosted signal.


·         Has Tri-band operations

·         Ports are excellently assorted

·         High performance

·         Easy software set up


·         Pricey

·         Large in size

·         Only 90-day support provided

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3.      TP-Link RE650 For Large Homes

This is the best plug-in a range extender in the market as well as the best extender for you if you have a large home. TP-Link offers both exceptional power and high speeds that range up to about 75 feet.

The device will work best in your home because of its four external antennas and dual-band wireless AC support. Besides, TP has a Tether application for your moil device or your tablet that you can use to monitor the extended network.

Additionally, the applications have advanced security tools and advanced settings that you can use for your extender.


·         Very excellent performance

·         Excellent interface

·         Dual-band operations

·         Has a phone and tablet app


·         Pricey

·         Can block adjacent outlets

·         Has a bulky design

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4.      Coredy E300 For Best Value

If you are on a budget but you still wish to but a Wi-Fi booster, then the Coredy E300 Mini is the option for you. This device will give you a boost in signal range and a straightforward set up at a low price.

The price of the device should not be a course for concern since it provides an all-day performance that is free from errors. It also has a plug-in design that will not take up space in your home. The device will add about 75 feet of network range to your home.

At the same time, it will give you enough bandwidth making it possible for you to stream media in 4k. Regardless of its single band and wireless-N performance, it is unlikely that you will find a cheaper extender in the market that does not compromise of value.


·         Very affordable

·         Small size

·         Easy setup


·         Has single-band 802.11n-based operation

·         Ethernet ports are limited to 100 Mbps

·         The bandwidth is unreliable

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5.      D-Link DAP For Two-Story Homes

This device will fill your home with Wi-Fi. Besides its easy setup, it also has a mobile app that you can use to monitor your network distribution. However, the performance on the device can be patchy.

Also, the device has an extensive design making it possible to block any adjacent AC outlets. Nevertheless, D-Link will do an excellent job when pushing your signal to a floor that is above or below. That is why it is perfect for multistory houses.


·         Provides good multistory performance

·         Has a mobile app

·         Has two-prong plug

·         Offers easy setup


·         The performance is spotty

·         Can block the adjacent outlet

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