Sometimes it does not matter how careful you are. You might be the ideal perfectionist in a group of perfectionists. One day, you will be too preoccupied with the evens of the day, and you might lose track of your phone or keys.

Instead of spending your precious time looking for them, invest in a good Bluetooth tracker. These small devices attach to your essential items so that you can track their location. So here is a review that outlines the best Bluetooth trackers in the market for you.

Best Bluetooth Trackers

1.      Tile Pro For Best Overall

The most important feature that you should consider when you are buying a Bluetooth tracker is the range it offers. The range is the feature that determines the distance that your tracker will be found when using your smartphone app.

Therefore, find a tracker that will offer you the biggest range in the market. This is where the Tile Pro comes in. While most trackers provide a range that lies between 100 and 200 feet, Tile Pro offers a range of 300 feet.

Besides the excellent range, the device also features a 128-decibel alert, compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and a battery that can be replaced after one year. To add to its versatility, you can use the device with either an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

Additionally, the Tile app will give you access to the biggest lost and found community. This means that anyone that has the app and is close to your lost item can update its location and make it easier for you to find.

Despite its cost, the package comes with two trackers. However, the device only offers limited protection from water and dust. Therefore, be careful of placing your tracker near water bodies.


·         Replaceable battery

·         300-foot range

·         Loudest Tile option


·         Not rugged enough

·         Pricey

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2.      Cube Shadow For Best Rechargeable

If you have the desire to buy a Bluetooth tracker that you can recharge instead of occasionally having to buy new batteries, then the Cube Shadow is the option for you. Besides, one charge will last you two months. The USB charger is also included in the package.

Another great feature of this device is the 200-foot range it offers. It also includes an IP rating of 67 and a 100-decibel siren. This means that your tracker can fall in the water that is one meter deep for thirty minutes, and it will not be damaged.

Also, the button that is on the tracker will call your smartphone when lost. You can use the button to take videos or pictures using your phone camera as well. However, if you want a tracker that you can loop onto your keyring, this is not the option for you since it lacks a keyhole. But you can stick it on items.


·         Very thin at 2mm

·         Rechargeable battery

·         200-foot range


·         Pricey

·         Lacks a keyhole

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3.      Tile Mate For Best Value

Tile Mate is rated as the tracker that offers the best value because it gives a blend between portability and features that will help you. Also, you will have the convenience of replacing your battery after one year guarantee of use.

However, Tile Mate is slightly bigger than other trackers. Nevertheless, it remains compact enough to fit in your wallet or purse comfortably. The keyhole feature will also allow you to attach the tracker to your luggage, keys, or backpacks.

Another great feature of the tracker is the 150 feet of range it offers. The device is also loud at 119 decibels. Hence, you can remain confident that you can locate your lost item with ease. Like Tile Pro, you also have access to the Tile lost and found community.

Time Mate is rated at IP55 in terms of water and dust resistance. Besides, you can select the pack of four for the price of two when buying the device.


·         Lightweight

·         Replaceable battery

·         Affordable


·         Not very loud

·         Only 150-foot range

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4.      Nut3 For Best Multi-Purpose

If you want a tracker that will do everything for you then go no further than the Nut3. Nut3 has six different functions. These functions include One Touch Find, Smart Anti-Loss, Lost and Found Network, Find Your Phone, Left Phone Alert, and Group Control.

Thus, you do not have to worry about losing track of your smartphone anymore. Press the button on your Nut3, and it will call your phone. The Smart Anti-Loss feature will alert you when you leave your wallet or purse behind.

The Group Control feature will allow your family or friends to track your Nut3 as well. Also, you will get an alert if you leave your phone in the house when leaving. However, there are exceptions to the range that the device offers.

When outside, you will have a range of between 30 to 50 meters. When indoors, the range will reduce to between 10 and 30 meters due to walls. Also, you will receive many notifications on your smartphone when using this device. Nevertheless, you can select the 1, 2, or 4 pack.


·         Replaceable battery

·         Numerous functions

·         Thin and stylish tracker


·         Notification overload

·         Not the best range

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5.      Chipolo Plus For Best Colorful

If you are a colorful person and you love colorful things, the Chipolo Bluetooth tracker will fit in well with your taste. Unlike the rest, the device is colorful and circular. It also maintains a lightweight and slim design that is easy to carry around.

Besides, the device will help you track your smartphone by double pressing it. This will make your phone ring even if it is on silent. Also, Chipolo offers a web service that offers many advantages. For instance, you can see the location of your tracker, table, phone, or other device using any web browser.

Also, if you lose an item, you can mark it as lost on the community search access. Chipolo Plus also offers an IP55 rate. However, the battery in this device is replaceable. Instead, you can choose to join the mail-in upgrade program once the battery dies.


·         Loud alert

·         Offered in six different colors

·         One year battery life


·         The battery is non-replaceable

·         Non-reliable community search

·         Cheap-looking design

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