There are many reasons that you can use to justify why you need to install a dash cam in your car. For instance, the dash cam will provide you with invaluable footage that you can use to vindicate or to get compensation if an accident occurs.

Your dash camera can also provide you with video footage that will serve as fond memories for the fun experiences you have on the road. Overall, a dash cam will give you peace of mind.

Nevertheless, these benefits will depend on the quality of your dash cam. One of the best dash cam models in the market is the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam. Before we look at the review of the full feature list of the device, here is a list of its pros and cons.


·         It comes with a free 16 GB microSD card

·         It uses loop recording for efficient data storage

·         Very affordable since it can be installed in three cars

·         The display screen is 3 inches

·         It is easy to install and use


·         When the G-sensor is enabled some of the footage becomes of low quality

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WheelWitness Review

1.      Lens

The lens is one of the essential features of a camera. For the WheelWitness, the lens is ultra-wide and angular. This allows it to capture a field of view of about 170 degrees. As a result, this very high definition dash cam can see as well as record a full A-pillar to A-pillar view of the events that occur in front of your car.

2.      Motion Detector

Another significant feature that is sort after on dash cams is motion detection. This is because motion detection is the feature that ensures surveillance when the car is not in motion. This feature ensures that your camera will still record footage of any movement near your vehicle when it is parked. Hence, if thieves try to steal your car, for instance, the event will be recorded.

3.      Recording

The resolution of the camera is rated to be between 2560 by 1080 pixels or 2306 by 1296 pixels. Nevertheless, either of the settings provides a super high definition. This means that the videos that will be recorded on the dash cam will be extraordinarily crisp and clear.

Also, the dash cam comes with a free 8 GB MicroSD card that you can use for recording. All you need to do is plug the card into a slot. Another feature of the device is the standard loop recording.

Your dash cam will record continually as long as the memory card is in the slot. However, the old files will be overwritten automatically once the card is full. Hence, you might need to back up your older files.

4.      Memory Lock Gravity Sensing

WheelWitness has also incorporated the features of sensing gravity and locking memory. Gravity sensing enables the camera to detect when the car has a sudden shift in gravity. This will usually happen when the vehicle is driving at high speed, and then it suddenly accelerates or comes to an abrupt stop.

The primary reason for both cases is usually the occurrence of an accident. The gravity sensing feature is there to ensure that the camera makes a quick video whenever such events occur. After the recording is made, the memory lock feature locks the footage to make sure that it is not overwritten during the normal loop recording.

5.      GPS

WheelWitness is GPS enabled. What this means is that you do not require a GPS plugin when using this device or for saving your GPS data. Also, WheelWitness has an integrated Google Map feature that will tell you exactly where you are when driving.

It is also compatible with other mapping software such as Opera Street Maps, Yahoo, and Maprequest. Another advantage of this feature is that it embeds the GPS data on the videos recorded.

Hence, in case of an accident, the prosecutors will tell the direction as well as the speed of your vehicle when the accident occurred. Thus, you will not be penalized for any false claims, and the fault of the accident will be clearly determined.

6.      Wide Dynamic Range

The wide dynamic range technology is similar to the high dynamic range technology. It involves the number of stops of light that the camera can see between the darkest black and the brightest white in the image.

The bigger the spectrum, the bigger the dynamic range for the dash cam. This difference represents the number of stops of light that your camera can see and then record. The average amount that the human eye can see lies between 10 and 14 stops of light.

Many dash cams do not have the same dynamic range as the human eye. Nonetheless, the dynamic range on the WheelWitness dash cam is better and broader than other dash cams in the market. Hence, you will have excellent footage whether it is at night or during the day.

7.      Installation

One advantage of buying this device is that it comes with an array of accessories for installation. You will get two sticky mounts, a power cord for connection, and one suction cup.

Remember to put the provided memory card into the camera before mounting. Also, the dash cam has a built-in battery that can record for about ten to fifteen minutes when fully charged. Also, different setups are provided for the videos.

For instance, you can adjust the exposure compensation, so that more or less light can be captured. Besides, the auto exposure feature and the built-in metering will do an excellent job for you.

Also, there is a large TFT LCD screen at the back of the car dash cam that gives you a live view of the image the camera is recording. You can also use the screen to replay your recorded videos.


WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is a high definition camera that is fascinating. For its price, it provides apparent and concise video quality. Also, the added features on the device such as the full installation kit, the sticky mounts, the GPS integration, the MicroSD card, and the suction cup make it a better choice than other dash cams in the market. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam gives you all the right reasons to buy a dash cam.