Bernie Sanders, a U.S presidential candidate for the 2020 elections, surged to the front of the polls even before Iowa caucuses on Monday. He could potentially become the ideal candidate nominated to represent the Democrats in the elections. On the contrary,  the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has done all it can to thwart Sanders' effort. DNC claims the results from the Iowa caucuses are inconsistent, which could be a perfect ploy to rig the election against Sanders.

Iowa Caucuses Marks the Start of the Presidential Election Season

The Iowa caucuses kicked off on February 3, 2020, and it marked the start of the presidential election season. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, could potentially win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. However, the DNC has been secretly plotting on the best possible ways to thwart Sanders' efforts at the elections.

First off, some members of the DNC sought a policy reversal that will give them more power to determine who becomes the party's nominee. As if that wasn't enough they are now claiming that the results from the Iowa election are inconsistent. Specifically, the Iowa Democratic Party refused to release results from Monday night’s caucuses and outlined that there were inconsistencies in reporting "three sets of results."

But interestingly, Shadow inc., a Washington, D.C.-based company that developed the mobile voting app was paid by the DNC and 2020 Democratic candidate Peter Buttigieg. At this point, the alarm bells may also be going off in your head. A system that was paid for by the DNC and used for the elections is now producing inconsistent voter data? We'll leave it at that!

The latter also brings us back to Trump's allegation in 2016 where he stated:

"President Obama should ask the DNC about how they rigged the election against Bernie"

Nonetheless, Iowa Democratic party spokeswoman Mandy McClure remarked that the app did not go down. Rather, there were inconsistencies in the results reported.

According to McClure:

“The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”

DNS Raises More Suspicion

Chad Wolf, the Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary revealed that the Department had made attempts to test the voting app in question. However, Iowa Democrats declined.

“We don’t see any malicious cyber activity going on...No one hacked into it. This is more of a stress or a load issue and more of a reporting issue we’re seeing in Iowa,” Wolf said.

Furthermore, the acting secretary said based on the level of scrutiny the Department places on election security of late, it breaks the public's confidence in the country's elections.

DNC Seeks Policy Reversal to Allow Superdelegates to Vote

Prior to this time, the DNC had begun discussing a proposal that could possibly bring about a policy reversal. The latter will allow superdelegates to vote on the first ballot at the party’s national convention. As such, it will enable the DNC committee to have more say in who emerges the nominee.

That may be the least to worry about since the DNC has created a spot for Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York. Reportedly, the committee has come under fire for changing its debate rules to favor the billionaire. Bloomberg is also running a self-funded campaign and can easily buy his way into the Democratic nomination.

Nevertheless, these sad attempts do not come as a surprise given that Tom Perez, DNC's chair had nominated vocal opponents of Senator Bernie Sanders to serve in the Democratic National Convention (DNC). They had spoken against his campaign in 2016 when he had gone up against Hillary Clinton.

Trump Also Alleges Iowa Caucuses Were Rigged

Trump once again took to his beloved Twitter account. He alleged that the primaries were once again being rigged against Sanders like it was in 2016. An accusing finger had to be pointed to someone, and this time around, it was the DNC. Promoters of the Trump campaign also took to Twitter to outline that the election was being rigged.

Asides from that, Trump also claimed that the Democrats' timing of his impeachment trial was actually intended to hurt Bernie Sanders' campaign. Whereas, the timing was made to favor Joe Biden, another presidential candidate in the elections.

Trump's Ploy to Run Against Sanders by Taking Down Biden

At this juncture, one may wonder why Trump has taken it up upon himself to always come to Sanders' defence. Could there be something in it for him or is it out of the goodness of his heart? While that is still uncertain, it is speculated that Trump wants to run against Bernie Sanders.

But why? Here's what we could get.

Joe Biden is the only candidate that has consistently performed better than Trump in the elections. As such, Trump has a better chance of contesting and winning if he battles it out with Sanders than he does with Biden. Therefore, it's a game of taking out your toughest competitor and make a win for yourself much easier. The point is, the Republicans would rather not see Trump run against Biden even if it means putting Sanders on the spot.