Looking for the fastest electric scooter with the longest distance on a single charge? Take a look at the Dualtron Thunder...just hold on tight!

We’ve covered the best electric scooters for the family, regarding for little kids and even the teens and “big kid” adults.  All were at a great price point and had the added safety features to protect little ones and give the parents peace of mind.  Now comes the fun electric scooter.  This scooter will top out over 50 mph and cover 75+ miles on a single charge.  It is not for the beginner rider but aimed at those needing to get to work or school daily and not feel like they will be limited.  If you’re looking to open the wallet and want to go fast and look good doing so, then the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter is the one for you.


The Dualtron Thunder is one of if not the fastest electric scooter on the market today.  Two BLDC motors with a combined 5400 watts means hitting the throttle and holding on tight.  This scooter will also come with options unheard of for an electric scooter like hydraulics and ABS brakes along with a 45-step suspension that will tackle the toughest terrain.  All cables are protected from exterior obstacles and covered in extra cases of rubber.  The bolts are even sealed to protect wear.

As stated, the Dualtron Thunder will top out to 50 mph or so, but keep in mind, out of the box it will be 15 mph.  Some slight modifications are needed to achieve the speed.  Long lasting 65V 35Ah Lithium batter will give a 75-mile ride before needing a charge.  LED head lights and brake lights added for safety to ensure you’ll be seen on the way to work or on the way home.  At 88lbs it’s not too terribly heavy for the average adult, and it is foldable so storing away at home or work won’t be too much of a challenge either.

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Bottom line is the Dualtron Thunder will enable you to cover a large distance and quickly with little effort.  Offering great safety features is a huge bonus and the aesthetics of it with a gun metal black/gray means you’ll travel in style too.  Price point is around $3800 but again, this isn’t a child’s scooter; it’s built for the adults mainly who want to commute to work or want something aside from a car that can offer transportation quickly and safely.  If you’re experienced and not shy about the price point, the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter will hit the key points for scooter enthusiasts and be a solid ride for years to come.


·         Top speeds around 50mph

·         Long lasting Lithium battery able to cover 70+ miles on a charge

·         LED head and tail lights

·         ABS Brakes

·         Hydraulic suspension

·         Foldable

·         Tubeless, 11-inch off road tires


·         Starting at $3800 can be a bit pricey even for avid riders

·         88lbs might be a burden to some riders

·         No seat-standing for long periods may not be suitable for all riders

·         15mph top speed out of box and mods needed to top 50mph