Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. Therefore, giving it an edge with new technologies seems like a no brainer. After all, cooking should be easy, fun, and therapeutic.

Apart from saving you time, high tech kitchen gadgets have significant advantages. For instance, you can connect smart kitchen devices with your smartphone. This feature will help you set cooking schedules giving you the chance to monitor your cooking remotely. Other devices have to build recipes that will elevate your cooking skills to that of a professional chef.

If you love cooking and preparing exquisite meals, this review gives you examples of devices that you should consider for your smart kitchen.

High Tech Kitchen Buying Guide

High technology cooking gadgets are just as numerous as traditional kitchen appliances. Some of them can be specific, others are multi-purpose, and the rest are new devices that you might not have heard of. Nevertheless, there is always a new gadget that can make your life simpler. When looking for your new kitchen gadget, these are the considerations you should make:

1.      Helpful gadgets

You can improve your kitchen with inexpensive smart kitchen devices without replacing the appliances that you already have. For instance, you can buy a kitchen thermometer to help you monitor the temperature of your cooking dishes.

2.      Countertop Appliances

If you have been meaning to get rid of some countertop space then get yourself a high tech cooking device such as a steam oven that you can use for baking, steaming foods and broiling. If you have money to spare, you can buy bigger and smarter devices.

For instance, some refrigerators have cameras that you can use to monitor what is missing in your house when you are out shopping. Besides, the best advice you can get when buying a high tech gadget for your house is to select one that perfectly fits your needs and home.

The Best High Tech Kitchen Gadgets

1.      The Anova Nano Cooker For The Best Sous Vide

A new cooking technique that is becoming increasingly popular is the Sous Vide. This process requires you to vacuum seal food in a plastic bag and then immerse it in a bath of hot water for a significant period. The food, such as steak, cooks low and slow. The result is a slice of amazingly juicy and tender meat.

The adoption of this technique has further led to the inception of many different sous vide devices that you can use in your kitchen. Nevertheless, the Anova Nano Cooker is the Best Sous Vide Machine in the market. This is because apart from having an excellent design, this device is very intuitive and it has an app that will make your life easy.

All you will have to do is connect your smartphone to the cooker through the app. The App will alert you when your food is ready. Besides, the App has tips and recipes that you can use for any dish. The newest model of this device has Bluetooth capabilities and better on-device controls. This model, despite being smaller, will still heat water and cook your food on time.


·         Very cooking efficient

·         Good on-device controls

·         Excellent App


·         Bluetooth only

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2.      Smarter Coffee Machine For The Best Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is especially perfect for a large family or an office setting because it can make coffee for a crowd. It is a twelve cup coffee maker that can grind brews as well as beans. The Smarter coffee machine also has an app that you can use to customize your grind and brews.

One significant advantage of using this gadget is that it works well with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Therefore, you can activate it using voice commands. However, you will have to adhere to the scheduling on this device.


·         Makes excellent coffee

·         Adjustable grind

·         Use either coffee grounds or beans

·         Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT


·         Scheduling can be challenging

·         High priced

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3.      Instant Pot Duo For The Best Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is simple. With good reason, the Instant Pot has almost made famous the pressure cooker market. This is due to its programmable nature that allows a cooker to make versatile meals such as a five-minute risotto, cakes, eggs, yogurt, and many others.

The advantage of using this device is that it also makes the food in a smaller amount of time as compared to traditional cooking methods. The Instant Pot Duo is specifically perfect for making chicken, pork, eggs, and rice. You can also select the device in different models and at an affordable price.


·         Controls are intuitive

·         7 models to choose from

·         Affordable


·         Program settings are fewer

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4.      PicoBrew Pico C For Best Bear Making

If you love beer and you have been thinking about brewing your own, this is the best gadget for beer making in the market. Making beer can be inexact and messy. Nevertheless, the PicoBrew machine will make the process easier for you.

Your work will be to insert packets of hops, grain, and yeast in the machine. Pico C does the rest for you. After a few weeks, you will have at least 5 liters of beer in your house. Besides, the company has partnerships with more than 50 breweries.

This is good news for you because you can now replicate a number of the favorite beers that you cannot find in any store. Also, the gadget has a new PicoStill attachment that allows you to distill spirits as well.


·         Can distill spirits

·         Partnership with 50 breweries

·         Can make beer not found in stores

·         Easy to use


·         Takes a few weeks to make the beer

·         Only makes 5 liters of beer.

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5.      Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer For The Best Choice

If you are into dieting this is the device that will fit your needs best. The Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer will turn your vegetables as well as raws into perfect new creations. It can also craft pasta out of zucchini.

Another advantage of using this device is that it gives you numerous blade options that you can get at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can twist many recipes with this vegetable slicer. Besides, you do not have to worry about the device being faulty since it offers a lifetime replacement warranty.


·         Lifetime replacement warranty

·         Can slice numerous vegetables

·         Has numerous blade options

·         Easy to use


·         No built-in storage for extra blades

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