Kick skateboards were awesome in the 80’s and 90’s.  Hitting the half pipe and grinding on rails all over town was the thing to do.  If you wanted to kick all day and had balance you could virtually anywhere.  Problem was, if you came to climb a hill, you had to pick up the board and walk up it.  Electric skateboards changed all that- you could really go anywhere at a modest speed and the battery would get you 10-20 miles or so before needing a charge.

The key word in that last sentence was “modest”.  Thrill seekers don’t want modest.  They want speed and as much as they could get.  Electric skateboards are evolving, and they aren’t just for getting around town at a leisurely pace; now they are becoming small and powerful speed demons.  One such board, the Next Board by NGV, might be the speediest of them all.

Specs and Review

Built on a carbon fiber chassis, the Next Board is super light.  Accompany that sleek chassis with a range of batteries, from 4s to 12s and you’ll top speeds of up to 65mph.  Yes, you’ll be on a skateboard going as fast as a car on most highways!  At the lower end of the speed, a comfortable 15mph, a 220lb rider can climb gradients of 25%.

The carbon fiber long board sits on Bear Kodiak Trucks and NGV 85mm wheels.  That pairing ensures stability at any speed and a very smooth ride over most terrain.  Powering the board are 2000W 180kv BLDC four in wheel Direct Drive motors.  Batteries can be swapped out depending on the type of ride required, using 4s to 12s rechargeable batteries.  You’ll also get a remote control with two different speed control settings.  Top speed can be achieved within 10-12 seconds as well.

NGV Trucks and Suspension

Final Thoughts

Price point at Next Board’s site is $2600, so it is steep price to pay to go very fast for a short distance.  Hardcore thrill seekers wanting to test their courage will be fast to drop the money on this one, but others should stay clear.  The only question is just how much are you willing to pay to be able to fly around on sleek carbon fiber board?  The next question is if you’re fearless enough to chase the adrenaline rush the Next Board by NGV has to offer.


·         Top speed of 65mph

·         Lightweight carbon fiber chassis

·         Multiple battery options for different length rides


·         $2600 starting price is steep for any skateboard

·         Advanced riders only- young, inexperienced need not apply

·         Seems built for speed but not practical for a “daily driver”