Ok, so I lied. I don't have fiber anymore. But I had it for 2 months in Aptos, CA with AT&T. I signed up thinking I'd be there another couple of years until the landlord wanted her house back.

My experience was a decent one. I ordered it online without having to talk to anyone. It was $70/month and included the modem and wifi router. I wasn't too impressed with their wifi router, their hardware is usually garbage. But they came the next day to install it and you can't use your own (which I thought was illegal now, but whatever).

After a 4 hour installation (was surprised how long this took actually to run a wire), I was up and running. The first speedtest I did gave me disappointing results. I got around 400Mbps down and 500Mbps up. The line I paid for was 1Gbps down and 1Gbps up. The tech who did the installation says that is normal as there is not a lot of online web services that will give you dedicated 1Gbps download even if you can handle it.

I did see as high was 700Mbps at one point and 900Mbps upload. For some reason upload was always faster than download. I was able to plug my old Firehawk router into the AT&T router and have 4 networks. Two from my router and two from the AT&T router.