I went out with a buddy to downtown Los Gatos on Monday  night and we found ourselves at Carrie Nations around 10pm.

Around 10:30pm or 11pm Monday night there were two women in Carrie Nations who started fighting.

She was yelling at some other woman who lived in town about something. I'm not sure why, I wasn't paying attention but the out of towner punched the local woman in the face, then like 5 guys tried to restrain her. I don't know how this broke out and when things settled down I asked her what happened or why the woman punched her and she didn't know.

The Los Gatos Police showed up about 25 minutes later and were outside the front of Carrie Nations on N. Santa Cruz talking to the woman who punched the other lady. This went on for at least an hour and the victim was in the back smoking cigarettes and eventually just left out the back. She was asked by the police if she wanted to press charges and she said yes, but then left because it was taking awhile.

I'm going to be posting on The Daily Shitter about my experiences at local dive bars in the area. There's always something exciting that happens!