The human being can sometimes be capricious, and even more so if he has a couple of good bucks here and there. And just as children enjoy those shoes that turn on lights when they walk (which for them makes the whole experience of wearing shoes way more epic, btw), adults also have that same passion for things that are entirely unnecessary but turn into an obsession for some weird reason.

Here are 5 Amazing Items that you don't need but that you'll undoubtedly dream of having (and that you can buy right now)

Amazing Amazon Item #1: Imalent MS 18 Flashlight

Okay, there's really nothing special about a flashlight. You press a button and turn on a light, you press a button and turn off a light.

But believe me, you don't want a flashlight. You want to light your whole block when there's a blackout, and that's precisely what the Imalent MS19 offers you with its 100,000 lumens of power. Just as a reference, a good ordinary flashlight has a power of about 1000 lumens.

Why in the world would you want a flashlight 100 times more powerful than a powerful flashlight? Well... Because you want to own the MOST powerful flashlight!

Amazing Amazon Item #2 The Nuraphones

If you want to have a pleasant experience with a pair of headphones that provide a clear, uninterrupted, well-defined and high fidelity sound, the Nuraphones are for you... just like many other headphones.

Besides, the reviews speak for themselves. These headphones are great... But you don't want that... No... You want a pair of futuristic headphones that emit sounds capable of creating a 3d profile of your ear canal to give you a customized equalization especially tailored to your anatomy. That's what you want... And right now, only the Nuraphones can provide that.

Amazing Amazon Item # 3: Vivo Nex 2

The Vivo Nex is an Asian smartphone with great features and at a very affordable price.

For around $500 you can get a device with a Snapdragon 845 processor, a potent GPU, an in-display fingerprint and an excellent quality camera, just like many other premium phones at that price.

But not... you don't want that. You want a phone that has a screen on the back so when you take a group selfie, all your friends can see you using the phone's main camera without any problem because there's a fricking screen on the back of your phone!

You can also justify that you save valuable microseconds of your busy life because no matter how you pick up your phone you can always use it without having to go through the tedious process of turning it the other way around.

Amazing Amazon Item #4: IMPERATORWORKS IWR1 Gaming Chair.

A comfortable setup is essential for any gamer or technophile who enjoys a pleasant leisure time.

The IWR1 offers a nice cushion that provides a pleasant experience both when playing and when working.

But... of course... you don't want that. You want a luxury executive chair with a built-in massage system, a reclining angle of up to 128 degrees and support for three wide-screen monitors.

THAT's what you want... and that's what IMPERATORWORKS delivers.

Amazing Item #5 The Fireside Audiobox

In any house, there is always a nice sound system ready to set a nice ambient on special occasions.

The Fireside Audiobox has an elegant design that makes it not only an excellent piece of technology but a perfect piece of decoration. Also, its pleasant sound, Bluetooth compatibility, and high-quality components make this item an excellent alternative for audiophiles and enthusiasts.

But, no... believe us... You don't want that. You want a speaker that throws fire out of a tube following the rhythm of the music you're playing so that the flames are actually a graphic representation of the equalizer. Why? Well... because