Amazon offers thousands of products that meet the almost infinite needs of millions of customers around the world, yet there are times when we do not even realize how much we need a product until we see it working.

Those products that solve everyday situations and become part of our lives are the ones we are going to cover in this article. Here are five products that will make your life a little easier

Amazon Product #1: Soylent Meal Replacement

credit: BBC

Maybe you've seen this famous brand of nutritional milkshakes before. Soylent has earned a place in the market for dietetic products by providing all the nutrients of a full meal in just one simple milkshake.

It is ideal for those who have a busy life and sometimes don't have time to get a meal or leave their jobs for lunch or snack.

Some people have lived only out of Soylent for long time frames, but it seems like it would be very boring only to drink a chocolate milkshake for a whole month: Effective? Yes; Exciting? Nah.

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Amazon Product #2: Modoker Tracking Wallet

This is a classic, high-quality leather wallet that stands out for its built-in tracking system that lets you know its location in real-time.

Ideal for those clumsy users who always lose their things or even for those who want a little more security because they live in dangerous neighborhoods.

It offers the following features:

Smart Find, Anti Lost, Location Record, Voice Record, Smart Led Light... and it's useful for saving your money too.

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Amazon Product #3: Mighty Mug Go

This is a cup that doesn't spill unless you REALLY try

This product is ideal for those special occasions where you know you're going to be very distracted in conversations, watching your favorite baseball game or just a little too drunk to coordinate your movements well.

It's also perfect to use near your laptop or workstation with the confidence that no unwanted accidents will happen.

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Amazon Product #4: TubShroom

This is a unique product that won't change your life but will save you more than a frustrating situation, especially if you have long hair.

The TubShroom is a product that collects all the hair that you drop to the drain while bathing, preventing any of the annoying obstructions that occur over time.

It is also much more practical and easy to use than any other product on the market.

In addition to being a good choice for the bathtub and shower, it is also perfect for those who have pets and must bathe them indoors.

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Amazon Product #5: Vecelo Pillow

Until you try this pillow, you won't know how much you need it. The Vecelo is built with a Memory Foam Gel Pillow bamboo ideal for supporting your head and neck while you sleep. Its materials adapt to your posture, so you will not have a rigid and uncomfortable pillow, neither one that is very soft and inefficient.

Also, the gel keeps the room temperature longer, so you won't have to be flipping it around to have a pleasant cold temperature (especially if you live in warm areas).

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