I have had a lot of problems with electronic cigar lighters. I have bought several different kinds but they all stop working after a month or two. I've been told I need to purge my lighter to remove the air which causes oxygen to escape when trying to light it. I will make a post about purging your cigar lighter another day.

In the meantime I was really happy with my flint pipe lighter so I tried to find a flint cigar lighter to buy on Amazon.

There are not a lot of options for a flint cigar lighter I came to find out. However I did find the HUOWA Torch Cigar Lighter.

The flame is a nice triple torch flame, although its a little cumbersome to turn on the gas with the knob and then flick the lighter, it does light easily every time.

There is also a flame control knob on the bottom as well as a flip out punch cutter included on this flint cigar lighter.