Sometimes you just need a break – and believe it or not, this is backed up by science! Studies show that both students and teachers should have a brain break every 25-30 minutes. This increases the overall efficiency and output of everyone involved.

Everybody should have a break and some downtime. They allow you to relax have the perfect cognitive boost! But let’s be real here – not all brain breaks are created equal. If you’re bored and need something to fill the time: spend it doing something fun yet productive.

That’s why we suggest entertaining yourself with these free online courses that can also make you smarter. We love life hacks and getting two birds with one stone. It is fun being highly efficient: check out our list of free online course and apps that you need to try:

Duolingo: This is one of the world’s most popular language-learning platforms. Duolingo has courses for 23 languages and has over 300 million users all around the world. What’s cool about Duolingo is that you can access the app on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Easy access for learning that’s actually fun. We enjoy how Duolingo includes the foundations of a language combined with usual phrases that come up in everyday situations. Duolingo is free but users can remove ads by paying for a subscription fee. Otherwise, it’s absolutely free – not a bad deal if you don’t mind the occasional ad in between lessons!

On top of the overall usefulness of learning a new language, studies have found that there are some serious brain benefits. Learning a new language helps to develop cognitive skills like stronger concept formation, mental agility, multitasking, and problem-solving. Those are some pretty great benefits for just using an app!

Wonderlic Test: The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test was created to measure learning ability, overall intelligence, and problem-solving aptitude. It’s used by companies and organizations across the world for employee screening, college admissions, and team-making assessments.

As it happens, the Wonderlic is the original short-form cognitive ability test and is frequently used by organizations including the United States military, the NFL, top-tier universities, and countless international brands. You’re probably going to come across this test at some point in your education or career.

Taking a Wonderlic practice course is one of the best ways to increase your cognitive ability while demonstrating your intelligence to future employers. Seriously! If you get a good score, it’s a great thing to put on your CV or resume. It’s also just a fun way to exercise your mathematics, logic, word problems, and verbal reasoning skills.

Khan Academy: This is a non-profit education organization that hosts online tools and courses to educate students and people across the world. The website features a plethora of video courses that feature progress tracking, practice exercises, and general teaching tools.

What’s cool about Khan Academy courses is that they are available on mobile devices and off-line for people in the developing world. Video subjects range from general school subjects to specialized courses such as coding, economics, science, the arts, college tests, and beyond.

It’s a nice mission that Khan Academy is promoting and a worthwhile cause. It’s also amazing that such a hardy resource is 100% free. Check out their website here.

Those are the top three online course that are undeniably free and will undeniably make you smarter! Mental exercise scientifically boosts your mood, lowers your stress, increases your intelligence, and fights off depression and anxiety. What’s key to this is variety. And that’s why taking a diverse number of courses and apps will help your mental acuity.

When it comes to making yourself smarter, you should consider balanced nutrition, stress management, physical exercise and mental exercise. Many studies have shown that intellectual action is great for the brain and can build up cognitive ability.

So, get out there and enjoy these apps on your break, on the bus, at lunch, or whenever you need to kill some time. It’s a great feeling to relax while being productive. It’s even better when you know that you are improving your memory, focus, concentration, and overall cognitive wellbeing. We hope that you enjoy yourself!