It is the 21st century, almost everything you own needs to be insured. And if you value your hard-earned money, the chances are that you have good financial habits. So shopping around so that you can get the best price on items is almost a no brainer.

But not when it comes to insurance. Shopping for insurance can be one of the most tasking and monotonous experience of your life. This is why you will stick to the same insurance for an extended period.

But do you have an idea just how much money you can save with the right coverage? This is why you need Gabi.

Gabi will help you find the best insurance deals in America since it compares rates offered by more than 20 insurance companies. Besides, the service is available for home insurance, umbrella insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, landlord insurance, and auto insurance.

Before we look at how the website works, here are the pros and cons of using the Gabi insurance service website.

Gabi Pros:

·         It can save you hundreds of dollars in a year. Gabi has found savings for two-thirds of its customers. The average savings made are 865 dollars every year.

·         It offers an easy and fast process. You will receive your quotes in two minutes

·         It does not sell personal information

·         Gabi is fully licensed in all 50 states of America

Gabi cons:

·         Gabi not work with newer and more innovative insurance carriers like Metromile Car Insurance

·         The preliminary quote offered by Gabi is not the binding quote from the insurance firm

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How Gabi Works

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, and Gabi utilizes the benefits of this technology. Gabi uses AI to read and analyze massive amounts of data within a few seconds. As a result, you can get quotes that are customized to your needs in a short time.

Gabi will start with your current insurance policy. When you open an account and upload a copy of your policy, you will also have the option of allowing Gabi to access your online insurance account.

Once this is done, Gabi takes minutes to find a policy that is better than the one you currently hold. Also, it will search for any available discounts that you can take advantage of from your current insurer. This two-minute process would usually take a traditional insurer hours or days to complete.

When complete, Gabi will send you the available quotes. Once you confirm the one you want, Gabi will verify the rate with the insurance company. After, you can buy your new policy directly using Gabi.

However, you should remember to cancel your previous policy since Gabi has no automatic cancelation feature. Also, calculate the number of fees you will incur during cancelation and compare it to the savings you will make with the new insurance policy to ensure you benefit.

How Gabi’s Quote System Works

Gabi’s quote system is based on personalization. This means that Artificial intelligence technology will analyze the level of coverage you have as well as your driving record. Take car insurance as an example.

For you to get a good insurance deal and a possible discount, you are required to have a clean driving record. When analyzing your data, Gabi will ensure that your eligibility for a discount is included when making your quote.

Moreover, Gabi will find other discounts that suit your lifestyle, such as your affiliation with a particular employer or whether you are insuring more than one car. Vehicles that have specific features also get a special insurance discount, and Gabi will ensure that you do not miss such opportunities.

If your insurance is a homeowner's insurance policy, Gabi will find you discounts on things such as remaining claim-free for several years, having a security system that is monitored, and living in a community that is gated.

If you like to bundle policies, Gabi will also find you discounts. All you have to do is upload all the insurance covers that you have in the website.

What Gabi Offers That Other Insurance Sites Do Not

Aggregators, otherwise known as comparison sites, will allow you to compare the prices that exist between different providers and websites. But this sums up everything these sites can do. Thus, they will not sell you the actual insurance policy.

So how does an aggregator make money? They earn a commission from the insurance company of your choice, or they sell your data. Gabi is different from these aggregators.

Gabi will act as a broker, sell you the actual insurance policy, and continue to service your needs for the rest of the policy term. But this is no different from traditional insurance agents. So how is Gabi different?

The AI quoting technology that Gabi uses is what sets it apart from the rest. AI makes it easy and quick to compare different policies and their prices. It also allows you to determine how much money you will save as a prospect and as a customer.

This is because, as a customer, the AI software will keep monitoring your policy. Any additional savings that are identified during this period with your insurance policy will be brought to your attention.

List Of Insurance Companies That Work With Gabi

Gabi works with more than 20 insurance companies. Some of them include:

·         Allstate

·         Clearcover

·         Geico

·         Kemper

·         Mercury Insurance

·         National General Accident and Health

·         Safeco

·         Universal Property


Gabi is innovative, it reduces time spent on insurance shopping, and it will save you money. Besides, most of the insurance companies that work with Gabi are highly rated carriers. You can also use the Gabi website to customize your policy with features such as adding Umbrella.

Therefore, take advantage of the benefits that offer. It will be worth your time and money.