Have you ever searched the internet over and over again for the best coupons that could slash how much you'll pay for a product or service? We've all been there! Nonetheless, there is an easier and faster way out, and it's with the use of a coupon site called Honey. Honey automatically finds and applies the best coupons to your cart while you shop online.

The result? You get to pay less for items. It's worth noting that taking a couple of bucks off from each purchase can translate into huge savings, especially if you shop frequently. There's also no need to painstakingly scour the net for coupon codes, hoping that luck will finally shine on you because Honey can help you out with that.

About Honey

Honey is a popular service for finding the best deals on products and services online. The Los Angeles-based startup was founded in 2012 by Ryan Hudson. According to Honey, it has about 18 million users who are already using its platform to get great deals on purchases. The LA Times also reported in 2017 that users of Honey saved an average of $32 monthly, a total of $109 million in 2016, and $170 million in 2017.

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How Does Honey Work?

Here's a Honey review that will give an idea of how this platform works:

1. Latest Coupon Codes:

Honey finds and applies coupons to products you're about to purchase from 40,000+ sites. According to Honey, it can help you save $126 yearly, and you can achieve an average discount of 17.9%. Now you may wonder if this is entirely possible, but here's what Honey says: "We earn a commission from stores when you find savings." That being the case, helping you to find coupons that work is a priority since it also enables the site to earn from merchants.

2. Thousands of Online Sites:

What makes Honey stands out is the thousands of retailers (ecommerce, travel sites, etc.) it supports. A range of retailers ensures that the user has a large market to work with, and as such, it increases the potential for them to find a coupon code to use on their favorite online shop. To that effect, Honey provides coupons to platforms like Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Expedia, Forever 21, Macy's, Adidas, Bestbuy, and Pizza Hut.

3. Get Best Prices On Amazon Products:

You may have found a good offer from a seller on Amazon, but the best is yet to come! Here's what it looks like, Honey can find another seller that is offering the same product, but at a lesser price. You can save money by buying a cheaper product, whose price may also be reduced using a coupon. It is, therefore, a win-win in either case.

4. Get Notified When Prices Drop:

If you're window shopping or only out to monitor the latest prices of products, Honey has a drop list feature you may come to love. Droplist allows you to add items to a list, notifying you when the prices of these items decline. That being the case, you can be among one of the first to take advantage of a price slash once there is a discount on any product on your list.

5. Price History:

For a better understanding of a product's price performance in the market, there is a price history section on Honey. It helps you to determine if a product of choice has dropped in price. Hence, you can make an informed decision based on this.

6. Earn Redeemable Points:

How about earning some cash while shopping with Honey online? If that sounds good, then there's the Honey Gold program that enables you to earn Honey Gold points. These points can be converted into gift cards and redeemed at any supported stores.

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How Can I Start Using Honey?

To take advantage of the benefits offered by Honey, here's how to start using the platform:

1. Install the Honey Honey Browser Extension or App:

Honey is available as an extension for web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Explorer. Therefore, the next time you want to shop from your computer, laptop, or tablet, you can apply the coupon Honey offers from either of these devices.

On the other hand, if you're shopping from an Android or iOS smartphone, you download the Honey App for mobile devices. This app has also been bundled with the list of top stores you can shop from.

2. Register an Account:

Now that you have the Honey extension or app on your device, the next step is to create an account. You will be prompted to register using Facebook, Google, or an email and password.

3. Search for a Product:

Visit an online shopping store of your choice - It could be Amazon, eBay, or Sephora. You can then search for a product you'll like to purchase, and at the time of checkout, click on the Honey button to scan for the latest coupons that can help you beat down the price. The Honey extension will also flash green when it has found a coupon code.

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Honey is a free and easy-to-use platform that helps you find the best deals on products and services. Hence, it is a quick tool every shopper needs to have if they want great value for their money. With Honey, there's a wide range of online shops to work with; hence, the next time you want a watch, bag, smartphone, etc. give Honey a try.