What is IPTV?

IPTV is one of those terms that you begin to hear about but you are unsure what it is about when it comes to cord cutting your cable TV subscription or in this case, your multiple SVOD subscriptions.

IPTV, abbreviated for Internet Protocol over Television, is basically straightforwardly the straight-hand for what it is: watching TV shows over your television through the Internet.

You may be wondering, "Doesn't this already exist with Netflix and Hulu?"

You are right. This does exist but not in that form.

IPTV has been existing since the radical year of 1995 when the company PrePrecept developed an Internet video product named IP/TV.

Basically, IP/TV was an application that transmitted single and multi-source audio and audiovisual traffic that ranged from extremely low quality (given this was the 1990's, this can be forgiven) to the 'premiere DVD-quality.

Since then, IPTV itself has went through various iterations with the online radio company AudioNet that launched the first continuous live webcasts with  WFAA-TV in January 1998 and KCTU-LP on January 10, 1998.

However, it wouldn't be until September 1999 where we would see an emerging faucet of what would be IPTV what it is today when. Kingston Communications in the UK had launched KIT (Kingston Interactive Television), an IPTV service.

Following 2 years later in October 2001, Kingston added an additional service operator with Yes TV, a VoD content provider.

However, you didn't come here for a history lesson. You came here to figure out what IPTV is, why it's important to you, how you can use it correctly, and what are the best routes that you can take with equipping yourself with this handy tool.

Therefore, without further ado, let's focus on...

Why Would IPTV Be Important to You?

As we stated earlier, IPTV is important to you in various situations.

One important scenario is that you are traveling to another country to visit family but they have none of your favorite TV shows.

One of the best ways to solve this is to use IPTV as a way to watch the shows that you are missing out on so that you are able to catch up on the shows that you would be missing back at home.

Another reason why IPTV would actually be an improvement as opposed to your current option right now is that you don't have to worry about hitting your data limit.

IPTV requires less bandwidth than your traditional options (4K streaming, Netflix) so you are less worried about hitting your data limits with your ISP.

Another factor is that you don't have to worry about latency when IPTV.

Although, you are able to use VoIP apps like Skype (especially if you are using a Android O.S.), most of your content is downstream and coming to you.

You don't need relatively insane download/upload speeds when it comes to streaming content from IPTV services or IPTV set-ups.

For Standard Definition programming, all you need is 10 Mbps; for 1080p, you need 15 Mbps; and for 4K streaming, you just need 25 Mbps.

While it's more dependent on which set-up boxes that you need for IPTV, just keep in mind with that you want to focus specifically on getting set-ups primarily for your viewing experience.

The reason for this is because although smart TV sets are able to bring you the content, they have limited processing power. They don't allow you to customize your viewing experience in a flexible way.

The second-best option would be to use a mobile phone when it comes to streaming TV content.

Mobile phones are a great IPTV option but when it comes to streaming content with a group of friends, you are going to want a TV (not a smart TV, of course).

The best option is to use a set-up box or something adjacent that allows you to customize your viewing experience in the way that you see fit.

If IPTV is Legal, Why Should I Get a VPN?

IPTV is legal.

How you use IPTV is entirely up to you.

Kodi is an application that you can customize your viewing experience as there are various support applications that operate atop of it that you can use to customize your viewing experience.

What makes Kodi fantastic is that it is a support utility that allows cross-functionality when it can supporting content on various devices and various file formats.

Kodi only uses the content that you own so the dream of saving you money by just using Kodi is just that: a dream.

Therefore, you have to use support apps that operate atop of it in order to help you solve this problem.

The setup and path to solve this problem will be easy as pie but you can get started with a ready solution with a personal video recorder, a client, a front end, and a back end.

However, you can also use an IPTV that also supports Kodi as an option that you can easily rely on when it comes to setting up.

With that said, you have to look to protect yourself from your ISPs.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) want money out of you. This is a market is infamously known for gouging money out of its subscribers.

Most of your Internet Service Providers originally started out as the very cable companies known for gouging you for TV subscriptions with today's average cable bill being $100 a month.

If you are start streaming then your ISP wil start to throttle your traffic whenever you are streaming content.

The best option that you can readily use is a VPN to hide your traffic and prevent your ISPs from throttling your traffic whenever you are watching your TV shows.

10 Awesome Options that You Can Look Into

Now, that we've cover everything that was needed when it came to understanding what IPTV (even with an added history involved), the best thing that can be done currently is to get you in the right direction when it comes to finding the right option for your IPTV.

Below is a list of 10 sourced options for IPTV.


Information about Product

The MINIX NEO U9-H prioritizes beauty in every way imaginable.

What makes MINIX NEO U9-H stand out is that this setup box allows you to watch beautiful imagery because it has the capability of streaming 4K video.

The added bonuse is that MINIX NEO U9-H allows you to find what you are looking for with voice search.

You can even use voice search with applications that are set up on the setup box itself.


  • One of the major pros is that you are able to        navigate the interface very easily.
  • There is no lag when it comes to using this set-up.        This works beautifully when it comes to its 4K streaming qualities.


  • However, nothing is without its downsides.
  • The MINIX NEO U9-H is a little bit expensive.
  • What also hinders it is that setup is a bit difficult        as well.
  • Not helping this set-up box is that it also has only        2 GB of RAM so you won't be able to store as many apps as you would like        to.

Price Point

It costs about $100 - $120.

How You Can Purchase It?

You can purchase it here.

#8: Infomir MAG 254

Information about Product

The Infomir MAG 254 may be a little bit extensive when if you are just a casual user.

However if you are looking for something that supports 3D video capabilities and use intensive interactive applications then this is an option that you can happily consider.

It has a 650 MHz processor so you can readily stream without having to be bogged down by applications that you don't want.

This machine is just the fourth model in line for a brand that is known to be efficiently powerful but the right price.


  • The Infomir MAG 254 has been remarked as a great and        excellent option for gaming.
  • On top of that, you can watch 3D video as you stream        live.


  • Unfortunately, you only have 512 MB of RAM of data        that you can readily use to store applications onto your setup.
  • Another drawback for this product is that it's rather        expensive.

Price Point

Despite that, this setup box is rather powerful and if that is what you are looking for, then you can definitely look into using this as an option.

The Infomir MAG 254 costs about $120.00

How You Can Purchase It

You can purchase it here.

#7: Goobang Doo XB-III

Information about Product

Much like the aforementioned options listed, Goobang Doo XB-III is a costly choice.

However, despite that, there are rather advantages to owning this setup box.

One major advantage is that it has 16 GB of storage (so you are able to store a lot of content into it) and it has 2GB of RAM (which allows you to run a fair about of applications).

However, the true life-saver is that it has a keyboard that ships with the Gooban Doo XB-III so you don't have to use a remote when it comes to using a remote to type in addresses.

Additionally, it runs Android so you have access to the Google Play along with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube.


  • You can store a lot of 4K content in this setup.
  • This box has fast downloading and loading times        because of its quad-core CPU.
  • Another plus is that when you get your setup box, you        are getting a hefty, sturdy casing for the setup box.


  • The drawbacks are minimally compared to its        advantages such as: boring menus and a minor delay when the keyword is        being used.

Price Point

Not everything is perfect.

Despite that, the Goobang Doo XB-III is a great deal at $65.00

How You Can Purchase It.

If you are interested in purchasing the Goobang Doo XB-III, then you can do it through here.

#6: Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Information about Product

Roku is perhaps the most famous IPTV player that exist. In fact, no list would be complete without even mentioning Roku.

Even if you have never heard of IPTV setup boxes, odds are that you have at one time heard the brand named Roku.

Roku is a company that supplies IPTV set up boxes that contain over 2,000+ channels.

It's the one of the most versatile experience when it comes to using IPTV in general.


  • Let's start with the positives when it comes to Roku        3 Streaming Media Player.
  • One of the better advantages to owning this streaming        media player is that you have multiple remote options.
  • On top of that, you have a large lineup of devices        that you can choose from, depending on the price point.


  • Of course, there are a few matters that you need to        be aware of:
  • If you are looking for the best experience with Roku,        then you have to look for the most expensive option as that is what is        usually dictated.
  • Adding to that disadvantage, finding which option        would be best for you can be a confusing experience, overall.

Price Point

One plus about Roku is that it's a trusted brand name in the market.

The Roku 3 Streaming Players ranges from $40 to $140.

How You Can Purchase It.

If you are interested about purchasing the streaming media player, you can purchase it here.

#5: Formuler Z7+

Information about Product

Around the communities who are more familiar with IPTV, one of the more familiar names is Dreamlink T2. Good news for you, then.

The same parent company who made Dreamlink T2 also made Formuler Z7+.

One thing that this setup box is incredibly known for is how powerful this setup box is.

Another added bonus is that the setup box runs on Android Nougat 7.1 so you can rely on a secure operating system.


  • One of things that you grow to love about the        Formuler Z7+ is that it has 2 GB of RAM so you are able to store a fair        amount of applications on the IPTV setup box.
  • The second factor is that you grow to love that is        extremely simple to set up; so, you can get started right away.


  • One drawback that you have to worry about is that        this setup box doesn't have an external antenna.
  • The setup box also only comes in silver or black.        These designs are sleek and looks nice but these are only two choices.

Price Point

The Formuler Z7+ sets out to achieve what it was made to do: be a powerful machine that allows you to stream content into your home.

The Formuler Z7+ costs $120.00

How You Can Purchase It.

You can purchase the Formuler Z7+ here.

#4: Formuler Z8

Information about Product

However, if you are looking to upgrade from the Formuler Z7 then you can look into using Formuler Z8, the upgraded version.

One thing that you can be happy about is that it still runs on the Android operating system.

You can even use the MyTvOnline app so that you can select electronic program guides.

It also has a fresh user interface and a remote that glows in the dark. (spooky....)


  • One added bonus with this upgrade is that you are        able to use a gigabit port if you have an ultra-fast connections.


  • There are also some drawbacks, with one of them being        that it's harder for you to install Google Play Store versions of Plex,        Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix.
  • You can do it but there's no native method to        achieving this.
  • Also, the playback resolution is limited to 480p.

Price Point

If you are interested in purchasing the Formuler Z8, it costs $144.99.

How You Can Purchase It?

You can buy it directly from Amazon.

#3: NVIDIA Shield TV

Information about Product

NVIDIA is a famous brand that is so commonplace that you have heard before.

So, of course, you can expect same high-quality that NVIDIA has applied to other fields into the setup boxes.

It offers several options that you can readily use to enjoy 4K streaming options such as Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and even Google Play Movies.

On top of that, you are able to use HDR with the aforementioned options that you have mentioned previously before.

However, NVIDIA has made a name when it comes to high-quality gaming.

The NVIDIA doesn’t have Tier 1 games that were already released but that’s okay but once the games have already been well established, you can stream them through the setup box itself.


  • One additional that was briefly mentioned previously        is that Amazon is now currently included as an option that you can use.


  • However, there are a few drawbacks that you have to        be concerned about.
  • NVIDIA is more expensive than its other Roku        counterpart.
  • Adding to the list of minuses, Roku has more        4K-compatiable apps than NVIDIA.
  • Also, you cannot expect to have as many first-tier        games unless you are streaming from a PC.

Price Point

NVIDIA is a great option if you are a gamer.

This price tag for NVIDIA Sheild TV is $179.99

How You Can Purchase It?

You can purchase it here.

#2: SkyStream One TV

Information about Product

If you are tired of researching for what the best IPTV or you are just trying to getting hurt in the process when it comes to finding the best option for you, then look no further than SkyStream One TV.

One thing that you can be pleased with this setup box is that you have the utmost quality without giving up quality.

The only thing that you have to deal with is installing Kodi onto your Skystream One TV.

Besides the nuisance of having to set up Kodi, you find yourself in a position where you can have the most flexible option to customize your TV watching experience.


  • One of the largest pros is that you don’t have to        worry about paying a monthly bill when you are using Skystream One box.        You can have unlimited entertainment hub when it comes to watching what        you want to watch.
  • On top of that, you are supported by thousands of        apps that are available for Skystream One TV box.
  • Adding to that, the box is very much durable so you        can be sure that your package will arrive to you unharmed.


  • The cons are not that much that you need to be        concerned with.
  • Yes, Skystream One TV box is one product made by a        lesser-known brand however, despite that they can deliver a great        product.
  • On top of that of delivering a great option, it’s an        expensive product.

Price Point

However, if you are scared off by the price tag and you want to experience real quality in your TV watching, give Skystream One a chance by giving them $125.

How You Can Purchase It.

You can purchase it here.

Honorable Mention: Toru.la

Information about Product

Toru.la is an IPTV service that you can use when it comes to watching your TV shows when you can.

Toru.la is known for being incredibly sports-centric so a lot of their offerings cater to sports fans. However, they are beginning to add in more channels that cater to people who are looking for entertainment such as Adult Swim, Bounce, TBN, This, Nick at Nite, and even a few International options.

Toru.la even offers free trials so you can get started with the product offering.


  • You are anonymous automatically when you are using        Toru.la so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your privacy.
  • The developers and the community run a subreddit so        if you have any questions that pertain to using Toru.la, feel free to        post a question here.
  • If you are a sports fan then you can find solace in        the fact that you are able to have your sports games to be catered to        you.


  • At the moment, right now, there is no catch-up        feature enabled for Toru.la. So, if you want to watch your favorite TV        show, you have to watch it live.
  • You have to pay monthly in cryptocurrency. It’s a        more affordable alternative compared to paying from $100 - $300 for        other options but the payments are going to be recurring.

Price Point

If you are looking to get started with Toru.la, it only costs.

How You Can Purchase It.

They only do Invite-Only currently but you can register here for a free 5-day trial.

However, you can go here for more information about Toru.la.

#1: Amazon Fire TV and Stick

Information about Product

One thing that needs to be mentioned about Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Stick are the specifications.

For starters, the Fire TV has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor which means you sort through menus and the background processes can be smooth and work quickly.

On top of that, you can stream 4K easily.

On some cases, based on the specifications alone, you might want to wait for the Amazon Fire TV before getting the Amazon Stick.


  • Amazon is very much trusted brand name.
  • You have 8 GB of storage so you can download a major        ton of apps.
  • The performance of the Fire TV can drastically        outperform the Fire Stick – even getting rid of the lag that the Fire        Stick had made to have, at times.


  • There is one major drawback that you need to be aware        of: volume control.
  • For some reason, Amazon had decided to withhold the        volume control feature for only 4K streaming.
  • If you can guess that the next day the sun is going        to rise again, then you can guess that the 4K option costs relatively        more.
  • The 8 GB of storage can never be raised.

Price Point

The Amazon Fire TV can cost $140 - $300, depending on the model that you are using.

The Amazon Fire Stick can cost $49.99

How You Can Purchase It.

You can purchase both items here.

What Should You Look For in Your IPTV for You?

Searching for the right IPTV fit for you can be a difficult proposition.

However, with this handy guide, you should be on the right track what would be a great fit for you.

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