There are excellent resources that'll teach you how to be rich, but we all know it's not that simple to implement the steps outlined in the book. You may finish studying pages after pages, feel highly motivated, and be overwhelmed with a new desire to grow. However, you begin to lose sight of what you had read three days ago, and maybe procrastinate or assume it isn't entirely possible.

Nonetheless, it is possible to be rich as a kid, teenager, or in your 20s. And if you are in a developing country or bad economy, you can meet your basic needs and still have enough to spare. Therefore, try these steps on how to be rich and successful in life.

Add Value to Yourself

You spend hours unending in front of the television or surfing social media pages. Is either of these adding any value to yourself? If it's no. Then it's high time you start spending a major part of your day acquiring a skill online or offline. You could set a target for yourself to perfect the craft, and once you've mastered it, you can also add value to the world.

Let's take the case of billionaires today. For instance, they either have a skill that allows them to render services or design unique products. Billionaires like Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, Facebook's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, etc. add value to people's life. And it all began by adding values to their own selves.

Spend Wisely

You want to be rich instantly, yet you spend money within a flash. If you're also unable to account for how your income is spent, it's time to curtail these unnecessary expenses. A great way to become rich is to save. George S. Clason, the author of the Richest Man in Babylon, recommends that 10% of every money you receive should be saved. And these savings can be used to start a business at a later time.

Accordingly, it is needful to create a budget that will guide your spending. This budget should outline money to cover basic expenses, emergencies, and even other important aspects. How much you'll save each week or month should be part of the budget. To ensure you don't fall back on your savings, you can transfer it to an account that you cannot easily access.


After you've saved for months or a year and your savings account has grown, it's time to invest. There's no use leaving the money lying in the bank just to be adding to it monthly. The plan is to make that money grow and bring make more. Therefore, choose a low-risk investment to channel your savings to.

For instance, you can invest in real estate, but the capital needed in this case is high. You'll also have to wait for months or years for your investment to yield appreciable profit finally. On the other hand, there are more risky investments that could also help you amass profit fast. Some of these include trading stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Be Consistent and Patient

Saving is a habit, and once you've stopped saving in one month, it's possible to make excuses in the next month. Therefore, whatever it takes, do not miss out on the week or month you're supposed to save. Before you purchase anything, please take out your savings to ensure you don't fall back on it later.

On the other hand, you need to be patient to see your savings grow to enable you to start a business or invest. It would be best if you also were patient to watch that business grow over time. That said, be patient. And remember it takes time to amass wealth, and it begins with the steps you make today. Do not use the idealogy that you need to enjoy life today and forget there's a day called tomorrow, which should be better.


Knowing how to be rich as a child, adult, the elderly, student, etc. is a significant step in achieving your goal. As such, these are the steps to employ if you're out to improve your financial status in the next three to five years. There's no need to procrastinate, start developing the mindset of a rich man or woman today.