There are several ways to buy Bitcoin online, and one of such is purchasing bitcoins with Amazon gift cards. Thus, you're not limited to only using these cards to make purchases on Amazon; you can also fund your Bitcoin wallet with them. If that piques your interest, then let's show you how to buy Bitcoin with Amazon gift card.

How to Buy Amazon Gift Card

Before you can buy Bitcoin using Amazon gift card, you need to source for a legit gift card vendor. To do that, follow these simple steps:

Option 1: Buy Amazon Gift Card from a Store with Cash:

  • Click here to find a convenience store, or a grocery store selling Amazon Gift cards
  • Locate any of the store mentioned above nearest to you to Buy the Amazon Gift Card in any denomination using cash
  • Ensure that you save the gift card's receipt since you'll need it to purchase Bitcoin later.

Option 2: Buy Gift Card from Amazon:

  • Go to Amazon's Gift cards order page
  • Select a type of gift card you want to buy
  • Select a denomination $25, $50, etc., or manually enter the amount you wish to purchase
  • Choose 'Buy Now' at the top right corner of the screen
  • You'll be redirected to the checkout page to enter your payment information
  • Enter your credit card details or use an existing payment information
  • Click on 'Continue'
  • Ensure that you review the order before selecting 'Place your order.'

Now that you've purchased a gift card with any of the options listed above, we can now proceed to buy bitcoin with them.

How to Purchase Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card

Now that you have an Amazon Gift card, the next step is to show you where you can trade it for Bitcoin. You can either exchange your gift card on Peer-2-Peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges or third-party platforms.

Some P2P cryptocurrency exchanges you can trade your gift cards for Bitcoin are:

  • Paxful
  • LocalBitcoins

A third-party site you can trade your Amazon gift card for Bitcoin is:


How to Buy Bitcoin Using Amazon Gift Card on Paxful

Here, we'll show you how to buy Bitcoin using Amazon gift card on Paxful.

  • First, go to
  • Click on 'Create account.'
  • Create an account by providing the required information such as email, username, password, etc.
  • Next, login into your account
  • Go to the Paxful Amazon Gift Card Section
  • Enter the amount in fiat
  • Select a currency such as the US Dollars
  • Click on 'Search'
  • Choose a buyer whose rate aligns with your budget

Note: Peruse through the seller's profile and check their reputation score. You'll have to make a judgment based on their reputation score and buyers' review to decide if you're comfortable with trading with them. Also, ensure that you have read the seller's terms and conditions

  • Enter an amount in USD
  • Click on 'Buy Now' (The seller's Bitcoins will be held in an escrow account by Paxful)

After you have sent a private message to the seller and fully understood the terms,

  • Scratch the 'Physical Amazon Gift card' to reveal its code, and take a clear picture of the card and its 'Receipt.'
  • Send the code to the seller using the trade chat
  • Once they have redeemed the gift card, they will release your Bitcoin to you from Paxful's escrow account.

And that's all you need to begin.

How to Buy Bitcoin Using Amazon Gift Card on

You can also use your Amazon gift card to buy Bitcoin on The difference here is, your Bitcoin will take a couple of days before it is delivered to your wallet. Nonetheless, here are the steps that will help you begin:

  • Go to
  • Click on 'Sign up' and Create a new account
  • Log in and click on the 'Earn' tab
  • Look carefully through the available orders and choose a seller that has the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy
  • Click on 'Accept Offer (BTC),' you'll have 10 minutes to complete the transaction
  • Double-check that you are getting the right amount in Bitcoin and note the seller's address
  • Click on 'Purchase items.'
  • You'll be redirected to Amazon, click on 'Continue.'
  • Select 'Proceed to Check out'
  • Select a shipping address that is the same as the seller on
  • Click on 'Deliver to this address.'
  • After the transaction is processed, copy the Amazon Order ID and paste on the transaction page on
  • Finally, click on 'Confirm Order.'
  • The seller's Bitcoin is held in escrow and released to you once they've confirmed receipt of your gift card.

How to Safely Store Your Bitcoin

It is not advisable to leave your Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange, and as such, you need to transfer it to a wallet whose private keys are controlled by you. Best wallet options are preferably a paper wallet or a hardware wallet.

Now that you know how to buy Bitcoin with Amazon gift card, you can do so conveniently when next to purchase a card or you're gifted with one. You can settle for a P2P exchange since it's faster or rely on a third-party exchange that takes the risk on your behalf. Whichever you choose, you'll get funded with Bitcoin in no time.