It can be quite rewarding to know how to connect a smartwatch to an iPhone 7, 8, X, or 11. The Apple Watch, for instance, was built to be compatible with iPhones, and it allows for a seamless connection. Nonetheless, the watch is quite expensive, which has drawn the attention of some users to less expensive smartwatches that can also be paired to the iPhone.

One of such is the Wear OS by Google. The U.S. based company made its smartwatch compatible with iOS devices in 2015. That being the case, you can use an Android smartwatch as an iPhone user instead of falling back on the Apple Watch as the only option.

How to Connect the Wear OS by Google to iPhone

The Google smartwatch is compatible with iPhone 5 and newer versions of the iPhone. As a consequence, you need a device running on iOS 9.3 or higher. With that in place, do the following:

  • Download WearOS by Google on your iPhone.
  • Launch the application on your phone after installation.
  • Turn on your watch and ensure that it is charging before you begin the pairing process.
  • Choose a language from the watch and accept the terms of service.
  • Select the name of your watch from the list of nearby devices that are displayed on the Wear OS app on your phone.
  • Then pair.
  • Check that the pairing code on your watch and phone matches, and then tap on 'Confirm' to connect both devices. If the codes are different, restart the watch and retry the steps above.

How to Connect an iPhone That Has Already Been Paired to a Smartwatch

On the contrary, a pairing code will not be visible if you have already connected your phone to another smartwatch. If that's the case, follow these steps.

  • From your WearOS App, choose the option 'Pair With A New Wearable' or 'Pair With New Watch.'
  • Select a language and navigate to the watch's identity.
  • A pairing code will be visible on your watch and phone.
  • Select 'Pair' to establish a connection.
  • Once the pairing is complete, follow the onscreen instructions to turn on the watch's notifications, calendar, and location.

It is worth noting that your smartwatch may install an update and also restart automatically after being paired to your iPhone. For this reason, it is important to keep the phone close to the watch. The watch also needs to be charged while the update is ongoing.

What's more, the Android Wear app has to be active at all times on your iPhone to ensure that data is being transmitted to the watch. If, in any case, you decide to minimize the app, you need to recheck if it is still running in the background to ensure it is information is being synced between either device.

What You Can Do with Your Smartwatch

Here are some things you can do with your smartwatch after connecting it to your iPhone:

1. Get iPhone Notifications on Smartwatch:

After a successful pairing of the smartwatch with your iPhone, you will get notifications on your smartwatch. These notifications will include calendar reminders, messaging, and several others. In the case of messages, you will be able to receive Gmail notifications directly on the watch. You can also use voice commands to reply to these messages, even though text messages cannot be replied to.

The Android Wear app can also be taken advantage of to manage the content of the watch from a larger screen. Hence, you can change calendar and email settings faster, flick through watch faces, block notifications from certain apps, and carry out other operations.

2. Search Using Google Assistant:

Now that both devices have been paired, online searches can be made using Google Assistant. This is quite similar to Siri, and here, you can place 'OK Google' and issue a command into the watch's face screen. These commands can help you make searches on Google and find content even without typing any questions from your phone.

3. Access Various Google Apps:

You'll also be able to take advantage of the numerous apps Google has provided right from your smartwatch. Some of these apps are time-centric, and they include a world clock, stopwatch, alarm, etc. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits that Android users do even while using an iOS smartphone.


Knowing how to connect a smartwatch to an iPhone can prove useful after getting a new watch. All you have to do is follow the tips we've outlined above, and they'll help you get started. Once your device has been set up, you can begin receiving important notifications on your smartwatch.