Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap can be mined for a reward. However, you do not have to dedicate an entire building or room for the mining operation. This is because you can mine Ethereum from a computer running on the Windows operating system.

So, how can you mine Ethereum on Windows? It's quite simple. You can either configure your computer to be compatible with an Ethereum miner or download a software that does most of the work for you. Either of these will help you verify transaction data on the Ethereum blockchain for a reward.

How to Mine Ethereum on Windows

In this manual process of getting your computer ready to mine Ethereum, you will have to do the following:

  • Download Ethereum software
  • Setup Ethereum software
  • Download mining software
  • Setup mining software

1. Download Ethereum Software:

The Ethereum software you can use is Geth. This software creates a connection between your computer and the Ethereum network.

2. Setup Ethereum Software:

Unzip the GETH file and move it to your hard drive (C:). The next step is to run the GETH file.

Here's how to begin:

  • Use the search button on your computer to launch the Command Prompt.
  • The interface you'll have will be C:\Users\username>
  • Ask the computer to look into another location by typing cd /
  • Here's what you should see C:\Users\username>cd /
  • Click on Enter and you'll have C:\>
  • The last step above instructs the command prompt to look at the C:/ drive.


Create a Geth Account:

  • Enter geth account new
  • Here's what you should have C:\>geth account new
  • Press the Enter key
  • You'll be asked to create a password. This password will help you access the ETH that has been mined.
  • Re-enter the same password to confirm (You won't see the text being entered, so ensure you remember it)

Connect to the Ethereum Network by:

  • Typing geth --rpc
  • This is what you should see C:\> geth --rpc
  • Ethereum's blockchain will automatically start to download
  • If your firewall block's its access, click on "Allow access"

3. Download Mining Software:

Ethminer can be downloaded as your mining software.

4. Setup Mining Software:

  • Install Ethminer
  • Launch "another" Command Prompt and you'll have C:\users\username>
  • Instruct the Command prompt to look into the Etherminer directory by typing  cd /
  • Hit the Enter key and you'll have C:\>
  • Type cd prog

The new text will look like this C:\>cd prog

  • Click on the Tab button, and you'll have C:/> cd "Program Files"
  • Hit the Enter key and you'll have C:\Program Files>

cd Into Ethereum Folder:

  • Type cd eth
  • Hit Tab, and you'll have C:\Program Files>cd "Ethereum (++) 0.9.39
  • Hit the Enter key and you'll have C:\Program Files\Ethereum (++) 0.9.39>

cd Into Release Folder:

  • Type cd release
  • Hit the Enter key and you'll have C:\Program Files\Ethereum (++) 0.9.39\Release>
  • Finally, type ethminer -G
  • Hit the Enter key

Your computer will start mining Ethereum after this setup.

How to Mine Ethereum on Windows Using Mining Software

A simpler method of mining Ethereum is with the use of mining software. If you have a gaming PC with high-end video cards, you're one step closer to mining this crypto asset. Now here are the steps that will guide you through the mining process.

1. Setup Hardware:

Powerful hardware will maximize your earnings while you mine Ethereum. In the same vein, it will help to significantly reduce how much is spent on utility bills. The latter is a result of the high energy consumed by cryptocurrency mining. Consequently, you need a GPU or video card with at least 3GB of memory. Once that is in place, do the following:

  • Install the latest drivers for your video cards.
  • Download the latest software for your AMD Radeon card or Nvidia card depending on your hardware.

2. Setup Your Ethereum Wallet:

The Ether you've earned will be sent to your Ethereum wallet after mining. Therefore, you need to create a wallet and copy the wallet's address. A platform you can create an Ethereum wallet is MyEtherWallet.

3. Install Ethereum Mining Software:

There are several Ethereum mining software, however, for the purpose of this tutorial, we'll be using WinEth. This software is a Windows miner that takes advantage of your computer's video cards to mine Ethereum. Upon installation, it will automatically detect if you have compatible video cards. Next, it'll require that you enter your Ethereum wallet address.

To begin:

  • Download WinEth for Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Install the application
  • Enter your Ethereum address

Choose the option to only run the mining process when the machine is idle for 10 minutes. There is also a background mode you can set which will consume less power while running. Nonetheless, the earnings are lower compared to when the mining process is always running.

  • Finally, select on "Start" to begin mining Ethereum
  • Check your earnings after some hours by selecting "Click Here To View Payout Status"

A number of people have asked, "how long does it take to mine 1 Ethereum?" Nonetheless, it entirely depends on the performance of your mining hardware and software.

It is also worth noting that if you settle for Wineth, 1% of your mining time will be dedicated to the company behind the software. What this means is, if you were going to spend 6 hours daily to mine Etherereum, then you'll only earn from 5 hours, and the rewards from the remaining hour will go to the company. That aside, the software is free to use.

Other Ethereum Mining Software on Windows

There are other applications you can install on Windows to mine Ethereum. Here's one:

  • MinerGate: Supports Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, and Fedora. It can also be used to mine  Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, and other altcoins.


These are the simple steps on how to start mining Ethereum on Windows. You can either choose the manual way of setting up your computer or rely on software that makes things easier. At the end of the way, the method you select should be the one that brings you the most profit, while consuming fewer resources.