The rule of three applies when torrenting now-a-days. The rule simply states that you have a seedbox hosted in country A from an ISP headquartered in country B and while at the same time you live in country C.

An example of this might be someone living in the United States, who purchases a seedbox from a company headquartered in the Netherlands but the actual server is at a data center in Canada. If you look around its not too hard to find such a scenario. Some will even take Bitcoin as payment so if the shit does hit the fan you can purchase the seedbox anonymously and walk away without being identified should someone take action against your server.

The reason behind the different countries is because it just makes it more difficult for copyright infringement claims to get to the end user. For example if my seedbox is in Canada and I live in the US but the hosting company is in the Netherlands, they would first have to file a complain with the company in the Netherlands about a Canadian IP address. Then that company would have to take action against someone who resides in the United States. This is likely going to be too much of a hassle for all parties involved, so you are protected.

Transmission-BT client

Having a seedbox usually means you can get between 1Gbps and 10Gbps speeds which are great for torrenting 24/7 without having to worry about shutting off your computer or having your residential ISP send you a letter.

Its not too difficult to install Ubuntu Linux these days, setup a folder and a cli bittorrent client like Transmission-BT along with a "todo" folder and a "done" folder. You can then run a cronjob locally on your laptop to pull down everything in the "done" folder every 5 minutes. I've been using this setup for about 7 years now and its worked flawlessly.

Another caution you should take is to only use private trackers. There are lots of low-end private trackers that have regularly open signup periods (typically once a month). However, there are more popular private trackers that require an invite. Invitations can be bought and sold or traded on popular torrenting inviting forums.