This is 2020, but if you still ask people how to reach a destination, then you are behind a couple of years. With a smartphone and the right app, you can make your way through your city ore even go from state to state without anyone's help. This is why you need to know about how to use google maps.

About Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service. Google Inc develops it. The app offers street maps, satellite imagery, real-time traffic conditions, aerial photography, 360 degrees interactive panoramic views of streets, route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, and air (though still in beta phase), among many other incredible features. These services can be accessed via a PC or mobile (smartphone). What's more, it's free.

Getting Started With Google Maps

We know you are excited, you want to start using the Google Maps right away. Well, first things first, you have to either install the google maps app on your smartphone or access its services via a web browser.

Accessing Google Maps Using a Web Browser

* Turn on your PC

* Open any browser

* Type in in the address bar and that's it

Accessing Google Maps Using a Mobile Device (Smartphone)

* Download Google Maps app compatible with your smartphone. Here's the Google Maps app for Android users and iOS users. However, for Windows phone users, you can access Google Maps via internet explorer or download and install an unofficial Windows application here. It's not free though, it costs $3.09 for the app.

* Install the app

* Open the app

Note: Your device must be connected to the internet for it to function correctly.

How do you use Google Maps Step by Step?

* Now that you've downloaded the Google Maps app, open it

* Let's assume you are using a smartphone, make sure your phone location is turned on. This way, Google can locate you and easily direct you to your destination.

* In the search box provided at the top of your screen, type in the state, city, or place you need directions to

* Google Maps does its magic, indicating best and alternative routes from where you are to your destination

Note: If your location isn't turned on, you'll be asked to enter a start location manually.

* To start navigation, tap the start button

* To stop navigation, tap close or X button at the bottom of the screen

Alternatively, accessing Google Maps on the PC is quite straightforward.

* Open your preferred browser

* Type in in the browser and wait till it loads up

* Enter destination of choice

* Click on the "Directions" icon, you'll be asked to enter a start location. Enter it

* You can save of share "direction" with your phone.

Sharing Directions on Google Maps

You can share a place, business, address, or current location with a friend on Google Maps. Here's how to do it on different devices.


* Access Google Maps via a browser

* Enter your location and destination to generate directions

* Click Menu on the top left

* Click on the share button

* Under the "Send a Link" tab, copy the link and send to friends

* If you want to place "direction" on a web page, choose the "Embed a Map" then add code to the page.

On Android & iOS

* Open Google Maps app

* Enter location

* At the bottom, tap the place's name or address

* Tap share of tap More, then Share

* Choose app where you want to share the link to map.