For long, a lot of people have opined that some of the things seen on movies end up happening in real life.  From wireless cell phones in the sci-fi movies of the 1970s and 1980s to the robots (or Artificial Intelligence) of the Terminator movies.  As at now, cell phones are real, and so is AI development.  Various global companies and people have thrown their weights and money behind the advancement of these technologies. Now, it appears that Star Trek, too, is going real.

Space Force

Some time ago, the manager of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, Brad Parscale contacted supporters via email, requesting them to choice their favorite Space Force logo a selection of 6 options. This move took place at a time when the US president Donald Trump was heavily fronting the idea of creating a new military branch to be known as the Space Force. The Space Force would be tasked with protecting the Earth from any possible threats emanating from space – many have taken the “threat” to mean mainly aliens or ETs (Extra Terrestrials).

Below are the options floated to the supporters to choose their favorite.

To some of Trump’s opponents’ the buzz about the creating of the Space Force looked much like a campaign platform rather than a credible attempt at making the planet safer.

Some even made fun of it.

However, these misgivings seem to have died off as the plan blasts off into an actual endeavor.

The Logo Speaks For Its Self

Now, the US president has finally made the choice, and it’s shocking a lot of people out there – most especially the fans of the largely popular sci-fi TV hit show Star Trek. Apparently, the President’s choice of the Space Force emblem or logo greatly resembles that used by the Star Trek in the show.

Upon the revealing of the logo choice, the President tweeted:

However, the striking resemblance between Star Trek and Space Force’s logos have become a subject of discussion on twitter. Some have pointed out the obvious.

Others have sought to derive a hearty laugh from it.

Either way, it’s now clear that the US Space Force will be going active pretty soon.