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Jacques Berman Webster II, professionally known as Travis Scott, is a recording artist from Houston, Texas. His melodic tracks couple with dark, grimy vocals captured the attention of millions worldwide. With hits such as "Goosebumps", and "Highest in the Room", Travis has plenty in his catalog for people of every musical taste and background. What we are here to discuss is whether his influence is great enough on artists throughout the decade. Just how big is his influence?

There is no doubt that Travis's melodic takes on modern rap have influenced many upcoming artists in the decade. Before he came along, rappers simply weren't indulging in the artistry that comes in modern rap music. Early in his career, Travis made his name known with tracks including "Skyfall" with fellow artist Young Thug, and before that with the song "Upper Echelon". The grimy vocals coupled with smooth instrumentals combined for a sound that was unique to Travis. It was never heard before, but you can bet your lucky stars people liked it. The songs showed us that Travis wasn't afraid to try new things, and his light shined on all the new kids coming out of the shadows of the old age, building the new age.

The most primary of those influenced are the Atlanta based recording group, Migos. The unofficial head of the group, Quavo, has worked with Travis Scott many times, and in each track Quavo begins to draw more and more from Scott's dark, melodic style of delivery. The track "Oh My Dis Side" off the hit record "Rodeo" is considered to be one of the greatest trap anthems of the past decade, with both Quavo and Travis giving a superb performance on an eery yet dark track. Quavo only improved from there, taking huge doses of inspiration from how Scott operated, Migos took off. Delivering both Culture 1 and Culture 2, albums that draw heavy from the style of music Travis pioneered, both instrumentally and vocally.

The reach only extended. Artists such as Lil Mosey, Lil Skies, Future, and duo Rae Sreummurd all have expressed their love of Travis's music. The demand for the so-called "melodic rap" has grown so big that it has caused even established artists are chasing the sound, hoping that their record will end up doing as much numbers as many of rap's hits. This same demand has caused artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to look to features from Future and the Migos in hopes that their music will finally be propelled in the Billboard Top Ten. It's simple: Melodic Rap is all the rage.

Is Travis responsible for this? Maybe not completely alone. Artists such as Young Thug have definetly provided the spark. But the spark was Travis's job alone to ignite, and ignite it he did. Record after record, hit after hit, Travis has proved time and time again that his place in the conversation for rap's greatest is not to be questioned.