Nothing will scare you like knowing that the house you sleep in every night can easily be broken into. You want to live in a place that is safe and peaceful. This is where smart home security devices come into play. However, your security must be of good value, quality, and reliability if it is to give you peace of mind. Besides, many security companies offer the latest home automation technologies as well as numerous features that aid in monitoring and safekeeping. However, there are many systems available in the market. This review will give you a list of the most valuable security devices for your smart home.

The Best Features For Your Home Security Systems

Knowing what you want from your security system will help you to better determine the best security system for your home. The primary issues you should consider are the features of the security system and how easy they are to use. The most important features to consider include:

·         Type of installation, whether professional or DIY

·         Wired or wireless system

·         Motion detection sensors

·         Touchscreen or Keypad panel

·         The reputation of the company

·         24/7 monitoring

·         Security cameras

·         Home automation

·         Mobile Apps and Remote controls

What You Should Consider When Buying A Home Security System

Buying your home security system is no small fit. Each of the many companies in the market promises to change your home into a safe neighborhood. To make your work easier, these are the things that you should consider when buying your home security system.

·         Consider the ease of installation

·         Consider whether it is professionally monitored or self-monitored

·         Consider the length of the contract

·         Consider the automation of your smart home

·         Consider the size of your house

·         Consider whether the security cameras will be indoor or outdoor

Best Smart Home Security Devices

1.      Simplisafe For the Best Home Security System

If you want a security system that is simplified but still one of the best in the market, this is the best option for you. Simplisafe will not give you any contract but it will provide you with DIY protection at a very affordable price. This system is a monitoring system that is not stuck to the traditional security system ways. Therefore, it is perfect for monitoring your suburban or your urban home.

Simplisafe is a DIY installation making it a great option if you are on a budget. You can also use it if you are living in a rented apartment or house since you can move with it and you will not have to worry about canceling a contract. Since you have to buy the equipment upfront, you will own the system and the monthly charges will also be minimal.


·         Award-winning monitoring

·         Wireless

·         Cellular alerts

·         Protection from environmental disasters

·         Working Alarm separate from monitoring

·         Indoor video security


·         The equipment is proprietary

·         The equipment expense is up-front

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2.      Ring Alarm For The Best Alexa Automation

This is a security system that is perfect for all types of homes including condos and apartments. The package of the system is also DIY. It is very comprehensive as well. Thus, the Ring Alarm security system has many options that you can use to install within a short period. This system is also very affordable since its monitoring plans are versatile and they can range between free usages to very low monthly fees.

Besides, Ring Alarm offers very helpful services because it has a Neighbors App. This App is set up in a manner that functions as a neighborhood watch program. As a result, if any of your neighbors have a Ring Alarm security system they can watch any criminal or suspicious activity real-time when it occurs. Another added benefit of using this system is that it does not require a contract or any hidden fees.

Another advantage of using this system is that it offers coverage in all the 50 states and their monitoring centers have a thirty-second average call response time. The system has a 24-hour battery backup, optional professional monitoring, and an optional cellular backup.


·         Process of installation is easy

·         App Control of all ring products in one panel

·         Affordable pricing with a free option

·         Alerts are instant on a mobile device


·         The equipment requires an upfront payment

·         Lower tier per camera pricing can add up fast

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3.      Abode Security For The Best Value

If you prefer buying devices that are worth your money, the Abode Security would be the best option for you. This security system is a top-rated DIY home system that offers no contracts. The system offers professional monitoring 24/7 and the equipment that they use is on the lower end of the cost scale when compared to the rest of the security systems in the market.

Additionally, the equipment is fully compatible with numerous automation equipment in your smart home that uses Zigbee and Z-wave. This is also inclusive Google assistant. Moreover, you will have the option of choosing from three monitoring plans with Abode with one of the three options being a free self-monitoring option. With this security system, you can also customize your home security package with regards to your needs.


·         Z-Wave compatibility

·         Support for many third-party home automation devices

·         CUE home automation platform

·         27/7 professional monitoring

·         Extensive home automation possibilities

·         30-day return policy


·         Might require purchasing many add on items for full security coverage

·         Can be pricey over time

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4.      Wink Lookout Smart Security Essentials

The starter kit for this home security includes three sensors, a Wink2 hub, and an alarm. These devices connect through the Wink app on your mobile device. Another advantage of using this security system is that you can pair it with other Wink ready products like cameras, thermostats, and door locks. Thus, you can increase your house monitoring solution to full capacity.

If you have been dying to get started with Wink products this security system is a perfect choice. This device will give you everything that you require to start monitoring your home with your smartphone.


·         Very easy to install

·         Operates perfectly with many third-party devices

·         Supports numerous wireless protocols


·         It does not offer any professional monitoring

·         It offers no backup battery

·         The security system cannot trigger camera recordings

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