Virginia Giuffre has published a cryptic tweet stating that she is not suicidal. Giuffre's tweet has stirred another wave of controversy that there could be a ploy to end her life and cover it up as a suicide. On the other hand, fresh gossip began to brew after an allegation that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York had sex with Giuffre when she was 17, according to 7news' report on December 11, 2019.

Giuffre Claims She is Not Suicidal

Per the report, Virginia Giuffre published on Twitter that she is not suicidal. In the cryptic tweet, she hinted that there may be attempts on her life, and several people could possibly want her dead.

In her own words:

"I am making it publicly known that in no way, shape or form am I suicidal. I have made this known to my therapist and GP- If something happens to me- for the sake of my family do not let this go away and help me to protect them.  Too many evil people want to see me quietened."

Tweet Stems From Sex Trafficking Scandal

Giuffre's tweet was posted in relation to the pedophile controversy surrounding Prince Andrew. According to Giuffre, the Late Jeffrey Epstein, an accused sex offender had trafficked her in 2001 to Prince Andrew when she was 17. The 36-year-old lady also alleged that the 59-year-old member of the British royal family had sex with her three times in different locations including New York, London and a private Caribbean island owned by Epstein.

Epstein, on the other hand, died in prison in August 2019, a month after sex trafficking charges were made against him. While his cause of death is associated with suicide, there are speculations that he could have been murdered. The latter is believed to be in an attempt to cover up the identity of high-profile class members of the public who may have solicited his services.

Prince Andrew Denies Having Sex with Giuffre

Speaking in his defense, Prince Andrew in an interview with BBC remarked that he had never solicited the services of Giuffre. According to him, the said night in London which Giuffre said he spent with her, he had taken his daughters out for pizza; hence, he had never met with her that night. In the same vein, he also outlined that he could not recall Epstein taking pictures of him holding the lady. And as such, the pictures could have been faked.

Similar Cryptic Messages on Life Threats

Over and above that, it seems Giuffre's cryptic tweet is not the first of its kind. A look at Reddit revealed that there had been other cryptic messages of this nature from the past. An instance of this is the case of an Argentine lady, Natacha Jaitt who also posted a message on Twitter that she is not suicidal.

The former playboy model alleged that Gustavo Vera, (a close friend of Pope Francis) and other well-known public figures including journalists, entertainers, etc. were involved in a ring of pedophile human trafficking. Nonetheless, the 41-year-old was found dead in a hotel room two weeks before she was to give her testimony in court. And allegations began to fly that she could've been murdered.

A Redditor who made comments said:

"The scariest part of all this is that they all got away with it. So what's stopping them from doing it again?"

There's also a reported case of several suicide deaths in Hong Kong. However, there are allegations that these may be murders instead. Reportedly, there have been over 100 deaths in the city alone since June this year, and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these individuals are suspicious. Accordingly, protesters in Hong Kong while being arrested are caught on camera screaming that they are in no way suicidal in case there is a reported case that they died by their hands.

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