That phone that you love so much and carry around everywhere you go is a source of pathogenic bacteria. Your environment exposes your phone to disease-causing pathogens. The heat that is radiating from your phone also provides a perfect bacteria breeding ground. Lucky for you, there are sanitizers available in the market that can remove smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from your phone.

Buying Guide For Your Smartphone Sanitizer

Most smartphone sanitizers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. The UV light destroys any bacteria DNA, and it prevents any microorganisms from multiplying. There are also three main types of sanitizers. They include the encased UV sanitizers, the UV wand sanitizers, and wipes. Unlike the encased sanitizers, you have to hold the wand sanitizers as you clean your phone.

On the other hand, wipes are non-tech and budget-friendly. Nevertheless, do not buy wipes that are not electric-friendly since moisture and other strong chemicals can damage your phone. Here are the things that you will need to consider when buying your phone sanitizer.

·         The power source

·         The size of the sanitizer which should fit your phone

·         The compatibility it has with your unique phone

·         Charging options for your phone

·         An automatic shutoff feature

·         Reflective coating option to ensure all corners of your phone are cleaned

·         The durability of the sanitizer. This especially concerns whether you can change the UV bulb when it burns out

·         The time it takes to clean your phone

·         The versatility of the device

·         Aromatherapy options to make your phone smell nice

The Best Smartphone Sanitizers

1.      Phone Soap

This is the best overall phone sanitizer in the market. It is easy to use, simple, and effective. The UV rays in the device kill up to 99.99 percent of the bacteria and germs on your phone. The design of the sanitizer has one medical-grade UV-C light at the base and the other on the lid with a transparent quartz plate between the two lights. This is where you will place your phone.

Phone soap 3 has its entire interior coated with reflective paint that enhances the sanitization process to make sure that any item placed in the device is completely cleaned in ten minutes. Also, the device has two USB ports that you can use to charge your phone as it is being cleaned. Besides, the device has acoustic outlets that amplify alarm and notification sounds.

One other advantage of this device is that it is compatible with almost any smartphone in the market. You also have the luxury of choosing from different colors such as silver, orchid, and black.


·         Tested in a scientific lab

·         Removes 99.99 percent of germs

·         Charges phone during sanitization

·         Cleans devices in ten minutes

·         Used on any phone

·         Can remove germs from other items like pacifiers and earbuds


·         Size is too large

·         Does not remove smudges

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2.      Consolidated Holdings

If you have an iPhone, this is the best phone sanitizer for you in the market. This is also perfect for you is you are an avid aromatherapy believer.


·         Cleans in 6 minutes

·         Used on iPhone 6 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G3, and Note 4, 5

·         Offers aromatherapy infusion

·         Smaller size than others in the market

·         Charges phone during sanitization


·         No scientific proof that it removes 99.99 percent of germs

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3.      LEDMEI LM-PS-001

If you like all things stylish this smartphone sanitizer is the best option for you. It has a contemporary design that makes it the best looking in the market. Besides, the device uses Ozone to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria from your phone, which makes it better than traditional UV based sanitizers.

This is because Ozone works in an environment that is sealed making disinfection very thorough. Ozone can also remove bad odors caused by mildew or other sources. Also, the design used for this sanitizer features a translucent cylinder that allows cell phones to be placed upright. The buttons are also easily accessible since they are placed on the top of the sanitizer.

The LEDMEI sanitizer is compatible with android and iOS phones. It takes six minutes to sanitize the phone. Once it is done, an indicator light signifies completion. The gadget also has seven different ambient lights that you can choose from meaning that you can use the sanitizer as a nightlight.

Moreover, the USB port on the sanitizer will allow you to charge your smartphone as it is being sanitized.


·         Cheaper than its competitors

·         Light-up design is cool

·         Can be used on small items and gadgets

·         Charges phone during sanitization


·         Benefits cannot be seen visibly

·         Large size

·         No conclusive evidence of testing

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4.   Verilux CleanWave Wand Sanitizer

Wand sanitizers are usually the best for traveling because of their portable nature. Additionally, traveling with an encased sanitizer can be challenging because they often require an external power source such as a wall socket. This is where the Verilux wand sanitizer comes in.

This is a sanitizer that you can carry with you everywhere you go. It is comprised of four AA batteries as its power source. Besides, the device uses advanced UV-C lights to get rid of 99.99 percent of the germs and bacteria that are on your smartphone.

Moreover, the wand will remove any bacteria that causes odor on your phone as well as any harmful residues or chemicals. You will also have an easy time using this device. All you need to do is push the On/Off button. Then move the wand over your phone so that you can sterilize it.

Verilux is also versatile since you can use it on other devices in your house as well such as your remote controls, keys, airplane headrests, toys, and ATM kiosks. Since the wand has been laboratory tested it can be trusted to be effective. Besides, this is the best handheld wand in the market.


·         Removes 99.99 of the bacteria

·         Can be used for other household items

·         Laboratory tested

·         Best hand held wand sanitizer


·         Battery life can be short depending with usage

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