I wrote about the gigantic list of Reddit alternatives a month ago. Now I've come to find some reddit alternatives where you can actually earn money for contributing to the reddit-like communities.

There are not a lot that I could find, but the four good ones that were easy to signup with and allowed you to start earning as soon as you post are listed below.

#1. Uptrennd

Uptrennd is the most reddit-like crypto currency earning site I came across. Easy to sign up with lots of cryto-related categories. Simple up voting and down voting just like reddit.

The only drawback is their communities are limited to crypto-related topics only at the moment, although they say they will open it up to any topic once they work out all the kinks.

#2. Minds

Minds.com looks like its got a thriving communijty, has many niche categories of all topics available. The one drawback I saw is you have to purchase tokens at $1.25 USD each (current rate of ETH) to participate in the community. That seems a bit high for me. I wouldn't mind paying $1.25 if I got 1000 posts or upvotes/downvotes but I'm not paying $1.25 per post.

Its possible I'm missing something here, as I cannot see how the community is this active with that sort of a price. The site however does load faster than Uptrennd and has a built in wallet right on their app. You can even purchase ETH through their interface and exchange that for the MIND token.

#3. Steemit

Steemit has got to be the first to market. They've been around for years although I've never participated in the community because I did not understand or know much about it.

Steemit claims to be a Reddit alternative. I have looked at the community and it does allow you to subscribe to feeds for different topics. The jury is still out on whether or not you can actually make money with Steemit.