I had never heard of Mooyah before but I just noticed on on Union next to the Safeway up from Blossom Hill Road. Apparently they are a Nationwide chain and I must have been living under a rock in Santa Cruz because all we have is 5-Guys over there.

I'm usually a big fan of a good burger but I am almost always disappointed. The best burger I've ever had was at Rocky's Crown Pub in Pacific Beach, San Diego. It was so good that even with a full on bar and grill in Mission Valley "Seau's", I caught Junior Seau eating at the Crown Pub. You know its good when restaurant owners go there to eat.

Back to Mooyah. Silly name, cool looking logo. It was a little hipsterish from the outside, but I'm old so I figure its just me. I was expecting an overpriced cheeseburger that I would probably never eat again. So many burger shops now claim to have the best burger. This one was no different.

The atmosphere is casual, with pay up front and then you pick up your food.

I ordered a Cheese Burger and Fries with Chocolate Shake. Ok, the shakes suck there. I'll just say it. When you see logos like "Hershey's Chocolate" on the menu you know its going to suck. I like home made shakes, and although I do have to say their straws were gigantic. La Vic's could use these straws!

The fries were decent. A little burnt crunchiness to them and lots of seasoning. I had a side of ranch and was pleased.

The burger itself was good. It was not the best burger I've had, but it certainly wasn't the worst either. As far as photographs go and marketing it is probably the closest resemblance to the real thing when you look at the marketing images on their site or menu.

The burger was a little pricey. In total it came to $15 for cheeseburger, fries and a shake. Don't waste your money on the shake its not worth it. Just get a water and you might come in at $10.