In order for you to be successful, your content must be seen. Due to the incredibly competitive internet market, your products and services can get drowned out by the ocean of people doing the exact same thing. To punch through the overwhelming amount of content and be seen, you must optimize how search engines index your content.

I'm going to show you the best tools on the market to optimize your website's presence in Google and other search engines. Here are TheDailyShitter's Top Search Engine Optimization tools.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you the view of your website that Google has. You are given insight into which pages, keywords, countries and devices are driving your search traffic. You can examine each individual page on your site and see what keywords brought most of your traffic to that page. If you wish to increase traffic to certain pages, you can integrate the most popular keywords into the content of the pages you want to be more popular.

We've all seen the people who fill their YouTube video descriptions, MediaFire downloads and articles with a ton of keywords. This tactic can increase traffic to content that doesn't necessarily have anything legitimate to offer. Sites like this are often ignored to flagged as spam, so please don't do this. We all know Google as the white knights they are and thus will crank down on you to the point where you cannot get your content out. So, keep it legit. Make sure to submit your updated pages to Google to be crawled again display your new content.


Ubersuggest is an absolutely free SEO keywords tool that is currently owned by the "online marketing guru" Neil Patel. Ubersuggest will take a keyword of interest and aggregate all the relevant data on it. The data collected includes: volume, cost per click, a rough competition score and a list of suggestions for the best possible keywords to optimize your search presence. There is no sign-up required and no charges at all. This tool is simple, aesthetically pleasing and does an incredible job at finding you better keywords.


Moz is the best service for SEO. Why's that? If you use Google or DuckDuckGo to search for the keyword "SEO", Moz is the first site listed (not counting ads and Wikipedia). That's right, they managed to Search Engine Optimize their Search Engine Optimization Service all the way to the top. If they can do that for themselves, can you imagine what they will do for you? I'll tell you what they can do for you. *Please understand that this is a joke and most SEO services are very similar.

Moz provides tools for: analyzing your domain page authority, keyword analysis and suggestions, Search Engine Results Pages Analysis (or SERP for short), and tracking your competitors to name a few. Moz is the end-to-end service for marketing professionals in small to medium-scaled businesses. The data collection times might be a little slow for larger businesses with more complex websites, but it should be perfect for you as a small business owner.

Generally speaking, this site is not for people new to SEO. Moz gives a lot of information in its dashboard and that could be overwhelming to those just getting started in SEO. Though already at the top, I feel that Moz should include more SEO 101 content in order to help beginners and consequently make it a tool for noobs and experts alike.


Mangools is a highly acclaimed SEO service with 5 tools aimed at making SEO as simple as possible. These 5 tools are: a keyword finder, a SERP checker, a SERP watcher, a Link miner and a site profiler. The keyword finder will show you the difficulty to compete on a keyword, the search popularity over time, and the top pages using a keyword you're interested in. The SERP watcher gives you daily-to-weekly updates on your rankings and records your ranking history to analyze how the interest in your content fluctuates.

The other 3 Mangools tools are some of the best on the market and I encourage you to check them out rather than wasting your time just talking about each one. They all are well designed not just functionality-wise but also in the beautiful web design. I find the Mangool's interface to be the best looking out of all the tools.


Semrush is a leading SEO service with notable customers including but not limited to: eBay, Quora, and Hewlett Packard. Semrush has may toolkits to be as flexible usability-wise as possible. Their toolkits include some essentials such as: SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing and competitive research. You can enter any domain and analyze their tactics, keywords, tracking information and even their competitors' information. You can observe where you rank compared to them and what you can do to improve your ranking.

In my opinion, Semrush is the best for stealing your competitor's traffic and the major players in its userbase serves to validate this assertion. If this service is good enough for Amazon, its ultimately good for you as well.


ahrefs is another great service for SEO which has features you're already familiar with but really stands out when it comes to backlink audits. ahrefs allows you to find content opportunities based on your competitor's pages that get the most search traffic. ahrefs' searching and analysis capabilities also show you which keywords your competitors are not doing well with so you could potentially steal their traffic by creating better content.

Auditing your competitors' backlinks and finding out where they got them from is made very easy. There are options to narrow down which of your competitor's backlinks came from where and how effective they are at driving their traffic. Finding untapped keywords is also very easy with ahrefs; all you have to do is lower your search volume criteria for organic links matching your keywords.

ahrefs also allows you to scan your website for common SEO problems that you can promptly fix. If you have any broken page links on your site, ahrefs will show exactly which links are broken so you can then remove them in your site's admin panel or such. This article doesn't do justice for most of these tools but especially this one. There is so much more you can do with ahrefs and I encourage you to sign up and get started attacking your competition.


Buzzsumo is an incredible tool to increase your social traffic. Buzzsumo searches for the most relevant content based on social shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This is especially useful for finding out what kind of content is being shared the most and what the latest trends are in a particular keyword. You can then model your content based on what is currently getting the most shares to help make your content more marketable to your target audience.

Buzzsumo can also be used as a tool to find content that you'll personally enjoy. If some content has a very high social sharing rate, you might find something that is interesting to you. If content has very few social shares, then it's probably a waste of time.


There are many other SEO tools in existence but we believe that these will serve you the best. Use as many of these as possible to help yourself be seen, stand out and ultimately dominate the market you're trying to break into. I wish you safe travels and happy hacking!