My mom is not a techie. If you're in the same boat I will guide you through a few unique gift ideas for Mother's Day that you can get your non-techie mom.

#1. Salt and pepper shakers

You can't go wrong with salt and pepper shakers. Especially unique ones like these mason jar shakers. I've bought my mom salt and pepper shakers for almost every occasion.

#2. Hot mitts

I debated whether or not my mom would like these hot mitts. They are made of silicon. Some older folks are opposed to new technology. These however will last a lot longer than cloth mitts. If your mom is like my mom, her mitts are from 30 years ago and have holes all over.

#3. Self-extinguishing candle

Now I must admit I had never heard of a self-extinguishing candle before. I recently started buying candles because I smoke cigars in my house. The candles help air it out and make it not smell like cigars. If your mom is like my mom she probably doesn't smoke cigars, but maybe you do! Get this unique candle to cover the smell of whatever weird stuff is in your mom's house. I've been in houses that smell like the 70s.

I think the self extinguishing candle would be good because I often leave the house or go to bed and forget to put the candle out.

#4. Big button phone

My mom is in her 70s and is still protesting touch tone dialing. Yes, she would rather use a rotary phone, but you'd have to go to an antique store and let's face it....who has time for that? This gigantic big button phone might be just the thing to bring her into the 21st century. No complicated screens you can't read, no answering machines to setup. Just a simple basic phone with giant buttons.

#5. Coffee beans

My mom drinks a lot of coffee. A 5lb bag will last her a month and a half. I often try different coffee suppliers on Amazon and found this one to be good. This is ground, because if your mom is like my mom she has a strict "no coffee grinding policy" in the house. If you mom hates to clean up coffee grinds, just get her a 5lb sack of organic coffee bean dark roast that is already ground! Problem solved (you can thank me later).

#6. Mom's Coffee Mug

I really liked this one when I saw it. Its a nice warm message that anyone can give their mom. My mom is going to love this one. This is the gift I bought her.