Have you ever been so bored that you actually thought of counting the hairs on your head? Well, everybody has, at least, at one time or another. The only difference is that most people have designed a medium of killing boredom. If your guess is as good as mine, then yes, they are using their mobile phones.

How can you use your mobile phone to kill boredom? Of course, through some entertaining games that you play and play until your eyes get blur.

These days, mobile games are getting better. They can even give console games a run for their money in terms of story line and graphics quality. Maybe you might perhaps be thinking: come on, phone games can’t be that good! Well, this piece is about to prove you wrong with a list of mobile games that, no matter how hard you try to resist spending too much time on your phone, you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying one more round until you have exhausted all the time you had on these games.

What Are The Most Addictive Games In 2019?

Generally, what makes you want to spend time on a particular game is simple. The game will appear simple and won’t take that much time to play. But in the long run, they provide a kind of challenge that you might want to master. While trying to master the game, you want to get a high score. You are already on your way to spending a whole lot of time on the game.

Presenting the most addictive games in 2019:

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Source: Wikipedia

Odyssey is an excellent arcade game that is very addictive. To play, you ski down a huge hill and do a host of tricks. That’s actually all there is in the game. But you get to collect items on the way while avoiding obstacles. It has even added new environmental elements like tornadoes, balloons, and many more. These elements introduce new challenges.

If annoying ads don’t bother you, you can play this game for free. But you can rid your game of the ads by making an in-app purchase.

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2. Fortnite

If you’ve not heard of Fortnite, you probably live under a rock. This game has taken the gaming world by storm. Fortnite is a game that capitalizes on the Battle Royale game play. Spicing it up with cartoon-style graphics and tactical realism. Your objective in the game is simple: be the last person, squad, or team alive at the end of a round. What is more? You need to be able to build and destroy terrains, enabling you to build ramps, barriers, and safe zones. You are searching for materials, at the same time exchanging fires with other players.

Be aware though that, installing Fortnite on your Android device takes more technicality than other games. Epic Games, the author of Fortnite has not put it up into Google Play, so you have to side-load it onto your device.

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3. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Candy crush maker, King, has more than one popular game. This has proven to be one of them. If you are a game addict, you probably have played a version of this. Of course, it never stops being addictive.

All you need to do in the game is simple: travel the world of Bubble Witch by bursting as many bubbles as possible. You also have arch-rival to defeat, the evil Wilbur.

King has taken the Bubble Witch series a step further, it is now available on iOS, in addition to Android.

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4. Reigns

Reigns is a game that appears to put you in charge of a medieval kingdom. Your objective is simple: you are presented with a scenario via a pop-up card with two choices. You either swipe left or right to choose your option in response to the scenario presented. You can either be successful by selecting the right answer or fail by making the wrong choice.

A little catch, though, you can memorize your choices and be successful too. The decisions you make will have a direct impact on your kingdom’s religion, people, army, and coffers. Creating a balance between these four phases of your territory will extend your reign.

A little heads-up, there is a new Reigns game coming up with a Game of Thrones story line.

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5. Words With Friends 2

Zynga, the maker of Words With Friends, had made a significant update in the game, adding a bunch of new features to keep the game exciting and addictive. This game has become a household name for people who like words and chatting with friends. It is similar to the scrabble board game.

The game’s multiplayer feature is left unchanged; however, new game modes have been added - Solo Challenge and the team-based Lightning round. The dictionary is being expanded-adding more than 50,000 new words. Furthermore, progress made in the first game can be continued in the second game. It is available on iOS and Android.

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6. GardenScapes

In this game, you are to help Austin The Butler restore an outdoor garden by playing this matching game. To play, you are to build your own dream garden by beating match-3 levels and decorating different areas in the garden. GardenScapes, following a thrilling story line, makes it fun and addictive. It is available on iOS and Android for free but with some in-app purchases.

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Who needs friends when they have an Android phone or an iPhone? You can pick a fight with your friends, but your phone will always be a loyal friend. All you have to do is get on Google Play Store, download one or two of these games above and play away.