As I Grow Older by Langston Hughes states that when people try to follow their dreams they may face many troubles, but through perseverance they can follow their dream. Hughes writes, “And then the wall rose,/ rose slowly,/ slowly,/ between me and my dream”(Hughes 7-10). Using this quote, he uses the symbol of a wall to show how things can oppose people that can prevent them from even being able to see their dream. These problems can cause people facing struggles to give up on your dreams.

Hughes later writes, “I lie down in the shadow./ No longer the light of my dream/ before me”(Hughes 15-17). It becomes very difficult for people to follow their dreams when they aren’t even able to see what they are reaching for. By showing the character sitting down, Hughes clearly displays the crisis they are in. They feel like they can’t do anything to achieve their dreams. This sense of hopelessness can cause many people to give up. They feel like there is nothing they can do to fix their situation.

Hughes then writes, “My dark hands!/Break through the wall!/ Find my dream!”( Hughes 22-24). By getting up and trying their best to face their circumstances, people can overcome their hardships and follow their dreams. Giving up is not an answer. In this poem Langston Hughes shows readers that to follow their dreams, they must break through the barriers set before them.