In a bid to prevent issues in reporting election results, as was the case at the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic Party in Nevada has decided to improvise. In this case, the party will be distributing 2,000 iPads loaded with Google web forms to precinct chairs. These iPads will help to track the election results, according to Cnet's report on February 14, 2020.

Nevada Democratic Party to Distribute 2,000 iPads

According to the report, the Nevada Democratic Party intends to distribute 2,000 iPads amongst its precinct chairs on Caucus Day to facilitate the election process slated for February 22, 2020. Reportedly, these devices will feature Google forms to track the election results and tabulate votes. It will also eliminate potential errors that were encountered while reporting results during the Iowa caucuses.

In a memo signed by Alana Mounce, the party's Executive Director, it was revealed that the iPads were purchased by the Nevada Democratic Party. And with the use of the iPad, results will be calculated and submitted by Google's app electronically. In line with that, a second step will depend on submissions to be made using a smartphone.

"In choosing the best path forward our guiding principles have been security, efficiency and simplicity...We understand just how important it is that we get this right and protect the integrity of Nevadans' votes," Mounce said.

App Will Not Be Used After Iowa Saga

Prior to this time, Nevada Democrats had the intention of using the same app that was used in Iowa caucuses. However, Alana Mounce revealed that the Party has changed its decision and an app will not be used. Mounce also outlined that software that can be downloaded on phone will not be employed during the elections.

While Party leaders have vowed not to use a similar app, it appears they have devised a new plan that could work. And it's with the use of iPads with Google forms on them. According to The Nevada Independent, a video recording of a caucus volunteer training session outlined that it is a "tool" and not an "app."

Volunteers in the video recording were reportedly told:

"What we've done after Iowa is consult with a group of tech and security folks who are helping us through this process and making sure that we're doing this in a way that is simple and efficient and secure for all of you so that we're giving you the best tools we can possible on Caucus Day."

Also, the tool will be used to calculate election results. It will only be used on iPads purchased by the Party and accessed through a secure Google web form. Despite these revelations, it is still unclear at this time whether the tool will be accessed using Google form, or the calculator is Google form itself.

Controversy Over Iowa's Elections

Iowa, on the other hand, held the country's first primary elections for 2020. However, results for the election were withheld with claims that the app, which was used during the voting process, reported inconsistent results. It led to a delay in releasing the results.

Nonetheless, news about a delay in the election results created a rave on the internet. There were sentiments that it was the Party's ploy to rig election results against Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the U.S. 2020 presidential elections. In the end, Sanders came in second, losing by 0.1% to Pete Buttigieg.

Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman Mandy McClure, at the time, said: "The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.” Whereas, Shadow Inc. the company that built the app for the Iowa caucus claims it is a creator of "political power for the progressive movement."