Cancer has been one ailment that has troubled a lot of people, and everyone hates it. Besides being a terminal illness, cancer is also very painful to deal with.

For decades, scientists have been working non-stop to come up with a workable solution to this menace, but these efforts haven’t borne much fruit for many years. However, alternative solutions like chemotherapy have made the patients’ lives easier by alleviating the pain associated with cancer.

But now there’s something to really smile about. A group of Israeli scientists at the Tel Aviv University have managed to develop a treatment for pancreatic cancer.

The Pancreas within the body.

The research was led by Professor Malka Cohen-Armon with her team at Sackler Faculty of Medicine based at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) in collaboration with another research team led by Dr. Talia Golan based within the Cancer Research Center at Sheba Medical Center.

How It Works

According to findings from the research, the new treatment can reduce cancer cells by up to 90% within two weeks of the treatment. The treatment entails a daily injection of a molecule called PJ34. Cancer cells are known to replicate very fast, and the PJ34 molecule is designed to disrupt this process at its onset by introducing an anomaly that leads to a progressive eradication of the cancerous cells. In essence, cell division or multiplication (mitosis) becomes lethal and causes the cells to die instead.

Cancer cells.

The procedure was tested on a mouse and the results showed that by the end of the treatment that lasted a month, all cancer cells in the mouse had been completely eradicated. The scientists say that the treatment has no side-effect and doesn’t affect other cells. The mouse was found to continue thriving and even adding weight after the treatment.

It’s The Hardest To Treat And That’s A Good Thing

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers in existence. A lot of people diagnosed with it don’t live for more than 5 years after the diagnosis. This type of cancer is also the hardest to treat, and that’s one fact that actually brings some really good news. The fact that scientists have figured out a way to end the most persistent type of cancer means that the rest of the cancer types are in for an easy beating.

Renewed Optimism

News of this research has stoked a good tinge of optimism for many people, most especially those largely predisposed to the ailment. It means that all types of cancer could soon be treatable, making one of the most dreaded causes of death a thing of the past.

The research team plans to conduct tests on pigs before seeking FDA’s approval to start human trials. This could take about two years if there’s enough funding.