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Ah, game streaming. A modern day solution to an ages old problem. Some laptops just can't handle the various tasks we want to throw at them, the most prominent being video games. Game streaming fixes this by introducing a way to stream games ran on other devices to your screen. Here's the kicker: It doesn't have to be a device that you own. Servers are located in various parts of the world, and what is being ran on them gets streamed to your own device, and in Geforce Now's case, for completely FREE.

Yeah, you heard me right. As Geforce Now moved out of beta, it introduced two plans. The Free tier, and for a low cost of around 5 bucks per month, a Founder's tier. Both allow you to play any game from their vast library of titles, including Apex Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Warframe, and everything in between. Simply select the game that you wish to play, and boom, you're in. Almost zero latency, feeling like the game is running on your own device. The downsides to the free tier include only one hour long sessions, as well as none of the fancy ray tracing that Nvidia introduced earlier.

However, the founders tier has you covered if you want more session time and better graphics. 6 hour long sessions make gaming binges all the more enjoyable, with ray tracing and better Nvidia processors providing almost peak performance. Not bad, eh? Like stated before, the price is 5 bucks per month, making it a cheaper option than most.

Geforce Now is one of the only high performance FREE options for game streaming around, and for anyone that doesn't have a high performing rig, I HIGHLY recommend getting this. Watch your game performance soar.