Word has it that the North Korean government has promised America some kind of a “Christmas gift” if the sanctions on its economy aren’t lifted by the end of the year. Sources opine that the so-called gift means NK abandoning the negations about its nuclear program and instead adopting a rather hard-line anti-US stance. That’s something that will obviously upset the west.

If that’s the case, North Korea will be trying to work its way into normalizing its status as a nuclear state on the world stage rather than its previous efforts to get on the negotiating table and try to ease the pain inflicted on its economy as a result of international sanctions.

Earlier Announcement

Back in 2018, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that his country had achieved its main objective of developing functional nuclear weapons and was now focusing its efforts on improving the livelihood of its people. This led to a number of high-profile meetings between diplomats from the US and North Korea, with the highlight of them all being the meeting between Kim Jong Un and the US President Donald Trump.

A meeting between Kim and Trump

What Thinkers Say

North Korea has been known to dish out lots of rhetoric and raise tensions whenever the odds seem to roll against them. Analysts think that the current rhetoric is aimed at delaying cutting any deal with the US President Donald Trump, especially seeing that his political standing at home is in trouble. In that sense, NK is afraid that if it seals a deal with him now, and he gets impeached or fails to get re-elected in the coming US elections in 2020, his successor may well renege on the deal, leaving North Korea in the cold.

Missile Test?

It’s not yet clear what the said Christmas gift will be, but given North Korea’s past, it could be a missile test of some sort.

However, analysts dispute this possibility, especially because such a test would anger China and Russia which are the most important economic partners for North Korea. Both countries (China and Russia) supported the economic sanctions slapped on North Korea back in 2017 after the country’s leadership got too provocative.

“We’ll Deal With It”

In a recent release, US military officials suggest that NK is planning to do a missile test, something that North Korea is known for whenever things don’t go its way. While holding a video conference with US troops, President Trump said,” Oh, that’s okay. We’ll find out what the surprise is and we’ll deal with it very successfully.”