There are several ways to monetize your website and the method you finally settle on depends on how well it works for you. Whether it's a new blog/website or an old one, you can earn a stable income from it. As such, you'll not only spend your precious time adding value to the internet, you'll be duly rewarded for it.

What's more, the millions of users that source for information online means that there's a high chance for your site to get a trickle of those visitors. You only have to find niches that people are most interested in and channel your best energy into it. Accordingly, here are some ways to monetize your website:

#1. Place Adverts:

The traditional way of making money from a website is to place adverts on it. Some of the most popular advert networks are AdSense,, Amazon adverts, Propellerads, etc. Each of these can be used to earn money as visitors source for the content of your web pages. In this case, you need to apply to the ad network to be approved, and once that is in place, you can start inserting ad codes on your blog.

On the other hand, how much you'll likely earn is greatly determined by the number of visitors you have daily, weekly, or monthly. Likewise, the country which your visitors emerge from can also impact on the ad revenue. Nonetheless, write relevant and resourceful SEO optimized content on your blog/website and it'll have a higher chance of earning a good income for you.

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#2. Accept Paid or Sponsored Posts:

Depending on your site's domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA), you may attract a high number of requests for sponsored posts. These are posts that are blended into your site's content and are another form of advertisement for the company or services linked in. Now, how much you charge for sponsored posts should be determined by your site's traffic, DA and PA.

However, the journey of earning via sponsored posts involves dishing out unique and SEO optimized content. Such content will be able to bring organic traffic, and therefore, attract more prospective clients. This means that you can earn over and over again with the same content on your site using sponsored posts. Nonetheless, it begins with getting things right in the first place and you'll be able to make money without ads.

#3. Focus on Affiliate Marketing:

What if you could run a site specially tailored to promoting products? It would mean that a good number of your site visitors are potential buyers who are also sourcing for good and reliable reviews on certain products. And while they are at it, they could make purchases directly using your affiliate link.

Amazon's affiliate, for instance, has grown popular over the years. You can simply sign up on the eCommerce platform, and then get your affiliate marketing link. From there, you can tailor a good number of your posts towards reviewing products sold on the platform. There's also the added advantage of displaying Amazon ads on your site.

#4. Sell Your Own Products and Offer Services:

So you run an SEO, crypto or tech blog? You can offer services to your readers right from the platform. For instance, if you're a professional in ranking sites, chances that some of your site's readers would want the same results are high. Similarly, if you own a car repair blog, you could offer services to diagnose problems related to people's transmission or the engine. The same can be said about selling ebooks on crypto trading if you're an expert.

What's more, a cooking blog can also sell a cookbook or offer services to reveal unique recipes. The point is, even without using adverts or going into full-time affiliate marketing, a simple way to make money from your website is to offer products and services for sale. Here, you're your own boss since you get to determine the price and there's no potential to get banned.

#5. Become a Freelance Blogger:

If you're able to create at least one successful blog, then there's no saying that you can repeat the same steps and processes to create another. It'll involve dishing out quality content, as usual, optimizing them with backlinks, and sourcing for high volume but low competitive keywords.

The big idea is, there are several sites out there that are struggling either in terms of content or ranking. It could also be in the aspect of design and meeting Google's user-friendly requirement. Whichever is the case, you can become a freelance blogger offering your services to other blogs looking to grow.


If you're looking for the best ways to monetize your website in 2020, these are the simple methods to employ. The year is still at its beginning, and you can use a couple of months to set your site in order. And if it already is, use one or more of these strategies to earn from it. Even if you're blogging for the passion of it, no one says you can't make a couple of bucks on while doing what you love.