San Jose State University discovered nine posters linked to a white nationalist organization displayed throughout campus on the morning of Aug. 12. Though campus authorities quickly removed the fliers — displaying anti-immigration and racist sentiments — before classes commenced, their intentions were perceived among many students and school returning to campus for the tutorial year.

The fliers posted contained the name of a supremacist organization, though the SJSU spokesperson chose to omit the group name in an exceedingly statement to stop further publicity or attention for the perpetrators. SJSU chief diversity officer Kathleen Wong stated that authorities are exploring the likelihood of security cameras recording footage of these who posted the flyers.

The American Identity Movement (AIM), formerly referred to as Identity Evropa, has since declared themselves accountable for the incident. This neo-Nazi, supremacist group also played a major role within the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia white nationalist rally. AIM posted photos of the San Jose fliers on their Twitter account on Aug. 17.

Similar incidents have recently occurred at schools across the country, and therefore the posters spotted at San Jose are found at campuses like Yale University, Rice University, and therefore the University of Southern Indiana.

SJSU student Tony Phan explained in an exceedingly statement to ABC 7 News that he “[feels] a touch more unsafe” following the recent incidents, and other members of the university community, known for its diverse and welcoming student body, have expressed similar fear and surprise at the news.

University President Mary A. Papazian addressed the occurrence in an exceedingly recent blog post. Though she assures students that SJSU “will always challenge bigotry and ignorance,” she reaffirms that she is additionally committed to upholding the values of freedom of speech, as failing to try to to so would violate the school’s “mandates as a public institution of upper learning.”

Papazian asserted that the intent of the posters remains unacceptable on campus, adding that the fliers were promptly removed so on uphold the “time, place, and manner regulations” of San Jose State University. the university plans to initiate conversations and academic events focused on addressing such issues while remaining within the bounds of democracy.