Wouldn't it be great if you could make some money while you shop at your favorite online store? It definitely would! Now try Rakuten, a free online and app-based service that offers cashback on items purchased from Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, and other popular online stores. Therefore, if you've been dishing out your hard-earned money on these platforms without getting a dime, it's time to get some free cash.

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What is Rakuten?

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates (purchased by Rakuten in 2014), is Japan-based electronic commerce and online retailing company that was founded in 1997. This company offers a reward program to its 12 million members. As such, users of its platform can earn cashback between 1% and 40%. All that is required is for you to make purchases on these stores but from your Rakuten account.

What Does Rakuten Offer?

There are several e-commerce platforms today, but very few offer incentives to shoppers. But Rakuten does! Now here's what this online service offers:

1. Registration Bonus:

One of the exciting things about using Rakuten is that great gifts are awaiting on each section of the platform. Let's take the registration; for instance, you get a whopping $10 reward as a new member. And trust us, not very many e-commerce sites are offering a signup bonus as high as $10.

It gets better since the $10 gift can be redeemed as a Walmart gift card or a Rakuten Cash bonus. Hence, you can shop with your free cash on two of the largest online e-commerce platforms. Now take the bold step and create a Rakuten account today. Next, install either the Chrome, FireFox, and Safari extension or Rakuten app for iPhone or Android phones to start enjoying these benefits.

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2. Cash Back:

According to Rakuten, it has helped its members to get over $1 billion in cashback. Hence, this is a platform that enables you to earn while you shop from your favorite online store. You may be wondering how much can you save with Rakuten? Here's the deal: There's a 30% cashback on books and media from The New Yorker, 10% cashback on babies or kids toys gotten from Walmart, and 8% cashback on shoes and handbags from TOM.

That being the case, this could be the last time you procure a product without getting a dime in return. The big news is, Rakuten can help you earn while you spend on over 2,500 stores. So if you haven't registered, click here to do so. You can also try the Rakuten extension that saves you the time of visiting the website all the time. The extension pops up each time it finds a cashback deal on a shopping site you've visited.

3. Cash Back Withdrawal in Check or PayPal:

So you've received a cashback on Rakuten, and it's only staring at you as a figure. Let's tell you what, though, you can withdraw it as cash into your pocket every quarter of the year. How's that? You may wonder. Rakuten has made provision for cashback to its customers to be withdrawn in the form of checks or PayPal funds.

Therefore, if you have a PayPal account linked to your credit card or bank, you can be funded in no time. Nonetheless, you will have to meet the minimum withdrawal limit of more than $5 before you can clear what's in your Rakuten account.

4. Free Shipping:

Admittedly, the cost of shipping products may significantly impact on the total price paid for a product itself. This is why Rakuten offers various free shipping deals to ensure that fees do not give you cold feet when it's time to complete your purchase. In this case, you can get cashback on purchases that surpass a particular limit. It could be free shipping on orders over $25, $50, $99, etc.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

If you're serious about making some money online, then Rakuten's affiliate marketing is for you. Here, you can refer your friends and family to shop on Rakuten and, in turn, earn a commission. You get $25 for each referral as long as they have also spent at least $25 while shopping via Rakuten. Given that every new member receives $10, your referrals will be more than willing to start shopping.

The best part is, Rakuten supports 202 countries, and it offers payments in 25 currencies. It also supports deposits in cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can choose an ideal currency to fund your account. And if you've ever wondered if Rakuten is a scam, your payment proof from the referral program will give you the confidence you need.


Shopping can be fun if you're making money while you spend. For this reason, Rakuten is a platform you should use in getting cashback, the best deals, and even free shipping of your products. The platform brings a lot to the table, which has placed it at the edge of the competition with other free cashback services.

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