Kids today have complex hobbies.  They want the latest model and trend at their fingertips.  A decade ago, kids were kicking scooters and powering with their feet. Today they want to hop on and go.  With the upgrade to electric scooters from older kick models, they now have many options to come and go at their own pace.  One brand, Razor, leads the way in electric scooters, offering a large range of models to choose from.

Razor- A Well Known Name in the Electric Scooter Game

Razor is a name that is synonymous within the electric scooter world.  Being around since 2000, they started with kick models and evolved into electric models seen all around today.  They offer multiple scooter varieties to meet their customers’ needs and demands and for those looking for a eco-friendly mode of transportation, Razor has multiple styles that will fit even the pickiest rider out there!  

Best  for Kids- Razor E325 Electric Motorized Ride On 24V Kids Scooter

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If you're looking for a minimal hassle product that both you and your kids will enjoy, then this is the perfect scooter for you.  The motor is more than capable, topping out at 15mph.  The chain drive is similar to other models and is quiet at high speeds. Variable speed enables the rider to slow down when they want without having to come to complete stop.  The E325 has 10-inch pneumatic tires and a wide deck for a smooth ride as well.  To top it off, it has a 45 minute ride time on a full charge, much longer than most models.

With all this, as you may have guessed, it's not for your 5 year old.  This electric scooter is designed for the bigger kids in the double-digit years.  


  • Electric scooter with extra-large deck frame for older kid/teen riders
  • Extra-wide, smooth-rolling 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Ultra-quiet chain-drive motor reaches speeds of up to 15 miles per hour
  • Includes charger and tools


  • Not for the young kids
  • Minimalistic design might not be enough for older riders
  • Long charge time between rides can be hours long