Let’s face it, kids today don’t want to do things how we did 20 years ago.  Most people who had a scooter, needed leg power to get to and from their destination.  Now, the electric scooter has made it easy for kids to hop on and ride off for over an hour.  With some updates from previous models, the E90 model is welcome addition to the Razor product line.

With this new E90 model, Razor has dropped the old chain drive motors and replaced with a 90W hub motor.  This switch enables the run time to increase by 100% over previous models!  Pushing 80 minutes now, your little rider will have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors.  Top speeds of 10 mph will make every parent breathe a little easier knowing that their little one won’t be flying around at uncontrollable speeds.

The charge time is a max time of 12 hours on the E90.  Razor opted to keep the 12V lead-acid batteries so even though you’ll have to wait half a day to ride again, it keeps to the simplicity of this model and shows why it is currently going for $88 on Amazon.

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Assembly takes no time- just fasten handlebars to the frame and your child will be off and running.  After all, what parent has the time to sit and read pages of instructions and deal with multiple small parts, trying to figure out what goes where.

This model is perfect for riders 4-6 years old, although Razor does suggest 8 and up.  With a 120lb weight capacity, it’ll be able to hold larger, older riders, but still geared towards the younger rider.  A great safety feature with the E90 is the kick to start, meaning the rider needs to hit 3 mph before the motor engages.  You’ll also find a front-fender hand brake on the E90, making sure that safety is first and stopping is easily accomplished.  So if you’re looking for a great starter model with a little hint of what’s to come on bigger models, take a look at the Razor E90 and enjoy watching your child learn how to use an electric scooter safely.


·         Powerful motor

·         Great entry price point

·         Kickstart function and hand brake for ensured safety

·         Maintenance free-no chain, no tensioner, no alignment needed

·         Rear wheel drive for traction and control


·         Urethane front wheel makes the ride a bit bumpy

·         12-hour charge time

·         Wet surfaces are tricky to maneuver on

·         No variable speed controls