Ever since I moved from San Diego back to the Bay Area in 1999 I've been looking for good Mexican food. I love me a carne asada burrito supreme with no rice and beans. That is my go to when comparing burritos.

Back in 2004 I worked at PayPal and a few of us engineers would go downtown to "La Vic's" as we called it. After having moved to Santa Cruz in 2007 I forgot all about La Vic's but when I moved back to Los Gatos I decided to find some good burritos and La Victoria Taqueria came up on Yelp.

The beauty of La Vic's is their orange sauce. Its their specialty and people always talk about it. You get a bottle of it with your taco or burrito and smother it with that shit.

The burrito is not the cheapest one you'll find, for a super carne asada burrito with extra sour cream and a small drink it comes to $13. I try to keep lunch under $10 when eating out so this can be done without the drink, but I like their Horchata as well. The only complain I have is their strawberry drink has pulp in it and it clogs the straws. They need thicker straws. I asked them about it and they said they've heard but so far have not done anything about it.

If you give them a try don't forget to tell them you read about La Vic's on The Daily Shitter (disclaimer: I did not get the shits from eating here).

They also sell bottles of their orange sauce so you can enjoy it at home.

They have several locations in San Jose, check Yelp for the one near you.