The addition of the rotating dial to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 makes it a timepiece that people can hardly say no to, especially those who desire a smartwatch with a sporty feel that offers a bit more control to the wearer.

Pertaining to the sense of touch, it is not strong enough to overshadow the satisfaction that comes from the click sound the solid bezel on the Galaxy Watch makes. However, it still ranks ahead of other smartwatches in terms of control schemes.

Aside from the rotating dial, the Active 2 comes with an ECG. Whether these two additions count as reason enough for an upgrade is left for the users to decide.

The Price Tag

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is set to roll out on the 27th of September, 2019 comes in two types, hence the availability of two prices. The first watch of 40 mm costs $279.99 (£230) while that of the 44 mm is priced at $299 (£250). Those living in the UK will be able to get their hands on the smartwatch one week before those in the US, precisely on September 20. The strange thing is that this launch date coincides with that of the Apple Watch 5 and iPhone 11.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the smartwatch will launch on October 8th, but the sales will be for only the 44 mm model starting at AU$549.

The starting price features a rubber wristband for the wristwatch and an aluminum body. The wristband comes in different colors like Aqua Black, Pink Gold, and Cloud Silver. At a much later date, Samsung plans to release a model with a stainless steel body that will have different colors such as Black, Gold, and Silver, as well as a leather strap. Though Samsung has not put a price on the new model, it will be costlier than the ones coming out in a few days.

The Active 2 can be pre-ordered beginning from September 6th in the US, and if it is done on the Samsung website,, a bonus of a Wireless Charger Portable Battery is promised.

Design and Screen

The screen of the watch has been slightly increased by 0.1 inches more than its predecessor to have a display of 1.2 inches on the 40 mm model while on the 44 mm version, the display is 1.4 inches. The buttons located on the right side of the smartwatch have a colorful outline.

Samsung has increased the number of photodiodes located on the underside of the smartwatch to eight. This is aimed towards better heart monitoring.

Just like its predecessor, the Active 2 has a Super AMOLED display (360 x 360 resolution). It also has a barometer, gyroscope and an accelerometer. Also included is an electrocardiogram (ECG).

In terms of water and dust resistance, the watch retains the same rating as its predecessor, the IP68 rating and 5ATM resistance.

Software and Performance

In terms of specifications, there is nothing new with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Just like the original watch, it operates using the dual-core 1.15GHz Exynos 9110 chipset. It comes with a 768 RAM and a storage of 4GB.

As for the watch’s performance, a new feature enables the Active 2 to integrate much better with the Samsung Wearable mobile app and when a photo is taken with the linked phone, an algorithm will create a color-matching, ideal digital watch face for the Active 2.


The fitness app in the Active 2 has no much changes; the 39 workout-tracking modes are still the same such as cycling, running, swimming, and walking. A little change was made to the Running Coach to monitor pace in real-time and to give mid-route feedback by location tracking via the accelerometer and GPS.

The additional photodiodes should be able to better manage real-time stress levels by using the Samsung Health suite as well as sleep tracking and guided meditation via the Calm app.

Battery Life

The Active 2's 40mm version still operates with the 230mAh battery found in its predecessor, though the company claims the watch will be able to last for two days before a recharge will be needed, as long as heavy battery-draining tasks are not in use.

If this battery capacity is not enough, then the additional 37% battery life that is promised in the 44mm model should be a better alternative.


Though a lot was expected from Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in terms of more features compared to its predecessor, the few added features such as the rotating dial and ECG also makes a difference when viewed in totality.

The increase in price places the Active 2 closer to the worth of the Apple Watch. Not minding the price, the smartwatch is one of quality and definitely an excitement to own.