Are you curious about the things that happen to your body when you fall asleep? Well, wonder no more. Buy one of these 5 smart sleep trackers in the market and get a detailed report on your sleeping patterns. You will also get advice on how you can improve your sleeping habits.

Best Smart Sleep Tracker

1.      Fitbit Versa For Best Overall

The Fitbit Versa is the best smart sleep tracker in the market because of its reliability. It offers very accurate measurements. For example, the tracker can identify the number of times you wake up in the middle of the night.

It will also decipher whether you are in bed sleeping or if you are reading a book. Besides, you can also use the tracker for fitness since it has a decent step count, automatic movement tracking, and different intensity levels of training based on your pulse.

Fitbit is also excellent for swimming since it has a water resistance of up to 50 meters. The device will equally keep track of your burnt calories as well as provide you with storage of up to 300 songs that you can listen to on Bluetooth.

Another advantage of using this device is the excellent App that it provides. The App will give you a very detailed and precise graph of your sleeping pattern. Therefore, you will be capable of identifying is something is wrong with you.

Additionally, the tracker will help you set reminders that will maintain your sleeping schedule. Fitbit design is also good to look at. It also has a decent 4-day battery life and a beautiful, sharp, and bright screen.


·         Accurate and automatic sleep tracking

·         Offers sleep insights

·         The App breaks down sleep in 4 stages

·         Fitness tracking features

·         Water-resistant features

·         4-day battery life


·         Syncing can be slow

·         No inbuilt GPS

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2.      Emfit QS For Sports People

This sleep tracking device was first intended for athletes. Nevertheless, if you are keen on your health and sleeping patterns, you will benefit significantly from the extra information that it provides. Besides, this device works without touching your body in any way.

So how does it work? You will place a measuring strip under the side of the mattress that you sleep on. The strip will record your sleeping patterns using a ballistocardiography that has a sensitive compression sensor.

The information that this device collects is massive. This includes your heart rate, the level of restlessness you have in bed, your breathing rate, and the time that you spent in deep, light, or REM sleep. Besides, you will get additional information such as your total recovery, heart rate variability, and the recovery efficiency for the entire night.


·         Measures all the sleep points

·         Provides massive information

·         Offers contactless sleep

·         No manual interaction needs

·         Results stored on Emfit website


·         Not appropriate if you sleep with a partner

·         Offers complex data

·         Does not provide sleep coaching

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3.      ResMed S+ For No Physical Contact

If you want to monitor your sleep with zero physical contact, then the ResMed S+ is the perfect sleep tracker for you. All you have to do is place it on your bedside table and fall asleep. It will monitor the environment in your bedroom as well as your sleep from a distance.

ResMed is a brand that is well known for making sleep apnea devices. Hence, you can trust this sonar working device that uses radiofrequency technology to monitor the movement of your body and your breathing.

ResMed S+ is excellent at collecting massive information about your daily activities, sleep, and bedroom environment. It then combines all the data it collects and offers you sleeping tips. You will get this useful information on fascinating graphs in the morning.

However, some of the information that it records can be inaccurate. Hence, it might not be the best option for you is you prefer complex sleep tracking benefits.


·         Tracks light, REM, and deep sleep stages

·         Incorporates age and gender in the sleeping analysis

·         Offers questionnaire that correlates daily activities with sleeping patterns

·         Synchs with breathing and plays relaxing sounds for sleeping

·         Offers sleep coaching advice


·         Need to input exact sleeping time

·         Needs a phone to control

·         Uses up phone battery

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4.      Beautyrest For Best Non-Wearable

Instead of wearing a device on your wrist, you can buy the Beautyrest sleep tracker and place its measuring pad under your mattress. You can then connect a small data processor to the device as well as to an App on your smartphone to receive the data.

You can use the videos provided on the App to complete the simple set up process. As long as you leave it switched on, it will track your sleep automatically once you get into bed. Beautyrest will interpret your sleeping data and give you advice that will help you sleep better.

Besides, the device is very accurate concerning measuring the time you sleep and wake up. Its exactness, as well as consistency, makes it very reliable.


·         Set up is easy

·         Tracks sleep automatically

·         Offers consistency and accurate measurements

·         Measures 4 sleep stages

·         The app is easy to use

·         Offers sleep coaching advice


·         Should stay connected to home Wi-Fi

·         Requires annual subscription for detailed data interpretation

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5.      Withings Sleep For Best Analog

Just like Emfit and Beautyrest, the Withings sleep tracker offers zero contact with your physical body. The mat is placed under the mattress, and all the data collected will be sent to your smartphone.

The primary goal of Withings is to improve the sleeping schedule of any individual. Another option that you will get with this device is the integration with your smart home devices through the IFTTT.

This feature will help you to automatically turn the lights on or off and adjust the thermostat once you retire to bed. While the device is good at tracking sleep stages and offering detailed graphs in the morning, it slacks once you spend a significant amount of time reading in bed before you sleep.


·         Easy App and tracker set up

·         Automatic features

·         Measures the 4 sleep stages and interruptions

·         Records heart rate and snoring

·         Integrates with Alexa and IFTTT


·         Can mistake chilling in bed as sleep

·         No alarm present

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