The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the deadliest thing to hit the world in the last century. Despite the steady rise of the coronavirus death toll, the survival rate of coronavirus patients globally has given much hope.

The survival rate of Coronavirus patients on the rise.

As of today, May 1, 2020, there are 3,193,889 confirmed cases of coronavirus patients globally. 227,638 of that figure are confirmed dead already. However, the efforts of different world governments in tackling the novel coronavirus seem to be paying off as there's been an increase in the survival rate lately.

This is certainly some good news though the world has been more focused on coronavirus confirmed cases and the death toll. And because of the increase in survival rate (close to a million people recovered as of today), while the number of confirmed cases plunge, some countries are beginning to ease the heavy restriction placed on citizens to curb the spread of the virus. Which indeed flattened the curve. This means economic activities will revive gradually in these countries.

Africa breathes a sigh of relief; experts say this might be too early.

Contrary to Bill Gates's prediction on the coronavirus pandemic in Africa, Africa is doing "just fine." Mr. Gates, the founder of the Microsoft Corporation, had said that if the pandemic is left unchecked, the coronavirus death toll in Africa should be about 10 million. His projection ties to the poor state of health facilities in major parts of the continent.

Nevertheless, in about 3 months from when the first confirmed coronavirus case, the continent of 54 countries and close to 1.2 billion people have only recorded about 32,000 officially reported Coronaviurs COVID-19 cases across the continent. Also, there's been a little short of 1,500 reported deaths in total. These statistics show a better result compared to what the U.S. records in a day. But experts say it might be too early to say if Africa was highly impacted as many African countries still do not have enough test kits for its citizens.

Facts debunk the notion that the Coronavirus pandemic cannot be easily transmitted in hot or humid climates.

If this was true, there will probably be no deaths in Africa considering the high temperatures at this time of the year. To further debunk this, WHO International, via its official website says the "COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas, including areas with hot and humid weather."

The statement further emphasized that "regardless of climate," you should "adopt protective measures if you live in or travel to an area reporting COVID-19."

Who is most at risk for the coronavirus disease?

According to the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, "people at higher risk for severe disease are older adults and people of any age with serious chronic medical conditions (such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes)."

CDC then recommends that "travelers" with above-listed ailments, who are "at higher risk for COVID-19 complications should avoid all cruise travel and nonessential air travel" till further notice.

What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

As more people continue to recover from this coronavirus, using available data, "the median time from onset to clinical recovery for mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and is 3 - 6 weeks for patients with severe or critical disease."